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Epson Computer Tips: Journaling in White

There are so many advantages to printing your scrapbook text by computer over using your own writing.

One objection to computer journaling is that it loses the charm of being in your own handwriting. Even that doesn’t have to be the case any more! There are companies that will take a handwriting sample from you and turn it into your own personal font. Even though most people hate their own writing, there goes that objection!

One great reason to journal by computer is the variety of font styles available. Why limit yourself to just your one handwriting style when there are so many to choose from? The font you choose can even become an important design element of your page.

Not only can the font be in the style of your choice, but in any color of the rainbow that matches your layout. Also unlike your pen collection, when printed with the right paper and ink, this text will be archival and last for hundreds of years. Look for archival papers, and printers with pigment inks if you want them to last the longest time possible.

When you create digital pages you can use white as your font color. This truly is something almost impossible to do by hand, layering white text over anything beneath it . . . whether it’s directly onto a photo, or running along the edge of a dark page as a border.

And please let’s not forget spell checking. You can proof read and spell check many times before pressing that “print” button.

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