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“Waterfall” by: Marinda Stewart
for Gütermann of America, Inc.
Materials Needed

1 Spool each Gütermann metallic thread – style #W331:


427- magenta
71 – black – multi color
236 – aqua
483 – turquoise
24 – gold
571 – purple
315 – royal blue
36 – copper

  12” x 12” background paper - bright turquoise
  12-1/2” x 12-1/2” piece iron-on vinyl (Thermo-Web)
  6 Brass leaf charms
  3 Paper leaves – metallic gold
  ¾ Yard piping
  Fabric glue
  1. With scissors cut 6”-7” lengths of thread. Cut all colors at once. Allow thread to fall randomly on top of background paper. Cover paper evenly with thread.
  2. Following manufacturer’s directions, peel backing from vinyl and carefully cover background paper while not disturbing the thread design. Iron in place. Trim away excess vinyl from background paper.
  3. Cut opening in background paper to desired size.
  4. Cut lengths of fabric piping to fit each inside edge. Glue in place.
  5. Decorate page with leaves as shown.
  6. Optional: add a decorative or meaningful quotation.
  7. Insert photo.
Sponsor: Fiskars

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