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Epson computer tips:
How to get great freebies from the internet

The internet can be a wonderful tool for every scrapbooker. You may not have reached the point yet of creating completely digital pages – designing and creating your layouts solely using your computer and your printer. But even if you’re not quite there yet, there are lots of ways for you to benefit from your computer and from the internet freebies!

The Print Lab Series is one free site that offers templates, graphics, and a whole selection of patterned pages. They’re grouped by category, so they’re easy to find and you can print out patterned pages either in vibrant colors, or muted so that it almost looks like vellum. The site is

Many sites, including the Print Lab Series site offer clip art. Clip art is the digital version of stickers, except that they’re free and you can either print them, cut them out and stick them to a page (like a sticker) or you can insert the piece of art into your digital layout page.

There are some software programs that offer free trial periods on-line. Film Factory, a digital photo program is one example. ArcSoft also offers free trials. They work like this: try them for some limited time period for free, and if you like it, only then do you buy!

Other freebies include free paper piecing patterns, backgrounds, die-cuts, poems and quotes, and of course, fonts galore! Just be sure to print everything out on acid free paper.

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