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Epson computer tips: How to get and use great fonts from the internet

Some scrapbookers believe that you never can have too many fonts! And there is no reason not to feed a font addiction, when there is such a wealth of free fonts available on the internet. And some of the very best ones are indeed free!

Listed below are simple step by step directions on how to copy a font off the internet. The copying process is called “downloading.” Print out these directions and have them next to you when you go on line and surf the web for new fonts.

There is no question that your choice of fonts is an important part of your scrapbook design. They can fade into the background, if that’s what you want, by your choice of colors and bolding techniques, and can actually become a customized patterned page, if you like. Or they can be a prominent part of your page design by your choice of font style, size and color.

So go crazy! After all, it’s free! And you never know what creative impulses this may inspire in you to use fonts as an important design element to your pages.

Downloading and Installing Fonts on your Computer.

Create a folder somewhere on your C drive called “fonts”
Go to one of the free font sites and double click on the font you want to download
Choose to save this file to your computer
Save it in your Fonts folder (one example is c:\fonts)
Once the download is complete, choose Open Folder
Most fonts are downloaded in a Zip file, so you’ll need to unzip them into your Font folder

You'll need to have a "zip" program on your pc to unzip the font file. You
can download a free version at

Once the download of the zipped file to your "Font" folder is complete,
choose to OPEN the file. In some cases, the font will install itself.
Once the font is unzipped, go to Start – Control Panel – Fonts


o Choose to OPEN the file
o This should automatically bring up WinZip.
o Choose to use the evaluation version
o Highlight the file, and choose to EXTRACT
o Extract to your c:/fonts folder, and note the name of the file
o This will leave you with the unzipped file in your folder, so you can
o proceed as below.
Click on File – Install new font
Choose the folder where you have saved the font, and install!
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