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Photo Shakers by Julie McGuffee
Make your photos shake, rattle and roll by turning them into shakers! Shakers are
perfect accents for scrapbook pages, but these are a project in themselves.
Materials Needed
  Fiskars Templates – Circles and Hearts
  Fiskars Shape Cutter
  Sheet of Acetate (Transparency Film)
  White Paper glue
  Corrugated paper
  Small Beads
Remember to choose colors of paper and embellishments that complement your photographs. Colors chosen here reflect the colors and theme of my photographs, but may not be the best color choices for yours.
  1. Cut the circles (or other shape) for your shaker as follows:

Base: 4” Circle
Top Ring: 4” Circle with 2.50” center hole. TIP - Cut the center circle first then the 4” circle around the outside.
Acetate and photograph: 3.50” Circles.
Spacer rings: 4” Circle with 3” center hole. Cut 2 or 3 depending how deep you would like your shaper to be. TIP: Cut from the smooth side of the paper.


Assemble in the following order:

Glue the photograph to the center of the base. (Right side of base circle faces out.).
Glue the spacers on top of the photograph aligning the edges.
Sprinkle beads on top of the photograph.
Center, then glue the acetate circle on top of the spacer rings.
Glue the top ring in place with the right side facing upward.

  3. Embellish the photo shaker as desired. Glue fibers around the outside to make
a hanger to use shaker as an ornament.
    TIP: Foam can also be used as a spacer. Use the template to draw the pattern on the foam then cut out shapes with Fiskars micro tip scissors.
Sponsor: Fiskars

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