Project 1613-3

Art To Art  – Claudine Helmuth
By Claudine Helmuth
Sponsor:  Collage Artist

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Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky-Back Canvas
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Brush Set
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium in Matte
Extra Fabric
Mini Wire Hanger


    • Print photo image onto Claudine Hellmuth Studio Stick-Back Canvas using your inkjet printer
    • Peel off paper backing from sticky-back canvas and stick to back of fabric.
    • Cut out using dress template provided as your guide (download .pdf)
    • Secure edges of backing fabric using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-medium around the edge of the dress – but not on the bottom!
    • Stuff dress lightly with batting.
    • Add mini hanger and display!

    Dress (.pdf)



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