Project 1609-4

My Little Shoebox – Little Dude
Presented By Julie McGuffee and Beth Madland
Sponsor:  My Little Shoebox

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  1. Start with the “Wrong Direction” circle paper as background
  2. Cut ½ inch strip of red b-side pattern from “Let’s Ride” paper.  Place just below center of circle (see layout for positioning).  Cut blue car and stoplight pattern strip from “Road Trip” paper, and place below.  But ¼ inch green b-side stripe pattern from “Vroom!” paper, and place below.  Cut yellow strip with red scallop from “Road Trip” paper, trim scallop edge and place below green strip.
  3. Place 2 photos on top of the paper strips as shown, slightly overlapping each other and hanging off right side of circle paper.  Place red photo corner die cuts on to top left and top right corners.
  4. Cut large red car design from “Vroom” paper. Add to right side of page, below photo, and slightly overlapping green journaling die cut.  Journal on die cut.
  5. Cut large tree design from “Vroom” paper. Place on left side of page.  Add red circle diec cut directly to right of tree accent.
  6. Cut small orange car design from “Let’s Ride” paper.  Place on top of die cut, slightly overlapping a yellow heart from the die cut sheet.  Add “Connor,” spelling out with Gum-ball Mini Alphabet Stickers.
  7. Spell out title below paper strips, using a combination of glitter letter stickers and chipboard.




Beth Madland & Julie McGuffee



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