Project 1606-2

Elmer’sLove letters
By Julie McGuffee for Elmer’s
Sponsor:  Elmer’s

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Large letters are a wonderful for Home Dec.  They can be decorated in colors to match your personal décor then displayed individually or together.

For this project you will need:
Elmer’s® Craftbond™ Fabric and Paper Glue
Elmer’s® Craftbond™ Dot Stamper
Elmer’s® Craftbond™ Ultra Stix All Clear
X-ACTO® Knife
Elmer’s® Foamboard (Black & White)
Elmer’s® Painters® Fine Black marker
Large Chipboard Letters
Patterned paper (double sided, heavy weight paper used on this project)
Embellishments – Buttons, Felt Flowers, Fabric Trim,
metal charms, etc.
Foam Brush


1.  Use foam brush to spread paper/fabric glue on top of each letter.  Place the letter, glue side down on top of the paper. Align straight edges where possible.  Note: The pattern you wish show will be face down.  Smooth the paper with a soft cloth if necessary then set aside to dry.  Then trim away excess paper with the craft knife.

2.  Decorate each letter with your choice of embellishments.  These letters were decorated with buttons, metal charm, felt flowers, fabric trims and a metal buckle.

3.  The letter “O” is a great frame.  Place the letter on top of photograph then trim the photograph to size.  Attach to back of letter with adhesive dots.

4.  Option: Use the black marker to decorate the surface of the letter “V” with words and phrases in place of paper.

5.  Adhere letters to individual pieces of black and/or white foamboard cut about 1”-2” longer and wider than each letter, or adhere all letters to one large foamboard rectangle.

Note:  There are many types of adhesives/glue available.  Always check to make sure you use the correct glue for the each surface.



Julie McGuffee & Lisa Singer



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