Project 1605-3

Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker –  My Sweet Cherry Pie
By Nikki Sivils
Sponsor:  Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker

Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker


Life’s a bowl of cherries.
Using the My Sweet Cherry Pie collection


Products Used:
·      1 Sheet of Nikki Sivils “Cherry Brownie”
·      1 Sheet of Nikki Sivils “Cherry Tree”, this is the reverse side of the Cherry Brownie paper, you’ll need 1 sheet of each.    
·      1 Sheet of Nikki Sivils “Cherry Cutie Cut-Ups”
·      1 6x6 mini pad of My Sweet Cherry Pie (Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker)
·      1 Pocket of Treats, stickers- red pocket (Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker)
·      2 Packages of Burlap Buttons –black & brown (Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker)
·      Stapler – Holtz Tiny Attacher -
·      Edge scrapper (to distress the edges of paper) – Making Memories -
·      Adhesive –Helmar USA
·      Good cutting scissors – Cutter Bee – EK Success

·      Trim the Cherry Brownie paper down to 8½” x 11”.
·      Cut out the tree from Cherry Tree, adhere it 1¾” from the bottom of the left side, and allow some of the tree to come off the edge, trim off the part that hangs over.
·      Distress all the edges of the Cherry Brownie paper.
·      Cut a 3½” circle out of these 6x6 mini pad papers: 1 green gingham patterned paper & 2 multi colored circle patterned papers. 
·      Cut into each of the circles starting from the edge of the circle turning the paper as you go cutting until you are near the center of the paper, kind of like peeling an apple.
·      Start curling up the outside piece of the circle and continue to do this until you are near the center, and then let it go and it should be in a circle flower shape.  Do this with all three pieces.
·       Use your adhesive on the paper flowers as you shape them so that they will hold the shape. You can make them as tight or loose as you want.
·      Adhere a red brad in the center of the green gingham flower.  (My brad is not through the paper b/c my flower is too tall so I adhered it standing up with adhesive.
·      Adhere the black burlaps to the center of the other 2 flowers.
·      Adhere your picture from where you started the tree about 1¾” from the bottom of the page covering part of the cherry tree up.
·      Now adhere the paper flowers right below the picture.
·      From the sticker pocket take the ticket & red heart, adhere the ticket sticker on top of the heart sticker and adhere both to the right of the paper flower and just below the flower, as shown.
·      Cut out the smallest blue bird (that’s on the yellow card under the tree), also cut out the “Life’s a bowl of cherries” and the cherries that are next to the phrase from the Cherry Cutie Cut-Ups paper.
·      Adhere the little blue bird on the top of the ticket and on top of the red heart, as shown.
·      Staple the phrase on the upper right corner of the Cherry Brownie paper.
·      Take the yellow and red “rickrack” stickers from the pocket and stick them above the picture and coming out of the top of the picture, cutting the stickers to fit the three areas, as shown.
·       Using the smallest brown button adhere it to the end of the top red rickrack sticker that’s coming out of the tree.
·      Journal on your ticket.


Julie McGuffee & Nikki Sivils



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