Project 1603-2

Kaleidoscope Collections – Punched Cards
By: Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero
Sponsor:  Kaleidoscope Collections, LLC

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Personal computer with inkjet printer
Kaleidoscope Collections Kaleidoscope Kreator™ 3 software*
Digital photo (from a digital camera or scanned)
Inkjet photo paper
Paper trimmer
Japanese screw punch (often used in book binding)
Decorative corner paper punch
Rounded corner paper punch
Permanent adhesive
4” square of metallic or glitter paper
4 ¼” square of contrasting cardstock
5 ½” x 11” coordinating cardstock

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  1. In Kaleidoscope Kreator 3, open the digital photo. Then click on the Select Kaleidoscope Shape button in the toolbar and choose Quilter’s Star (08) for the template shape.
  2. Click on the Pinwheel Mode button in the toolbar.
  3. Move the photo around in the workspace and watch the Kaleidoscope Preview in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the Kaleidoscope Preview if you want to see a full-screen preview of the kaleidoscope.
  4. Choose a background color by clicking first on the eyedropper in the Background Color palette. Then click anywhere in the photo to choose a color.  If you don’t like the color that is chosen, click on the eyedropper again and then on the photo.
  5. Choose a background texture by choosing one from the drop-down list in the Background Texture palette. Adjust the scale of the texture using the slider.
  6. Before printing, we recommend you save the workspace so you can re-create the kaleidoscope if necessary. Click on the Save Workspace button in the toolbar (or select File>Save Workspace from the menu). Enter a filename and click Save. (The file will be saved with a KK3 extension, which can only be opened by Kaleidoscope Kreator 3.)
  7. Place photo paper in the printer tray. Select File>Print Kaleidoscope from the menu and enter the following values in the Print Preview window that appears:
    1. Maintain proportions should be checked.
    2. Width: 4 inches.
    3. Uncheck Print Margins, Show Cutlines and Center Kaleidoscope on Page.
    4. Set the printer properties to print on photo paper by clicking on the Properties button in the Printer Settings section.
    5. Click the Print button at the bottom right to send to the printer.
  8. Use a paper trimmer (or straight edge and craft knife) to cut out the kaleidoscope.
  9. Punch holes in the kaleidoscope using the Japanese screw punch.
  10. Punch decorative corners.
  11. Round the corners of the kaleidoscope. Also round the corners of the metallic paper.
  12. Adhere the kaleidoscope to the metallic paper lining the edges up exactly.  (You can trim the edges if necessary.)
  13. Adhere the kaleidoscope/metallic paper to the contrasting cardstock square.
Fold the 5 ½” x 11” cardstock into a card base.  Adhere the kaleidoscope to the center of the card.



Beth Madland & Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero



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