Project 1601-2

7 Gypsies – ATC Spinner
By:  7 Gypsies
Presented By:  Julie and Beth
Sponsor:  7 Gypsies

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***READER NOTE:  The following instructions are NOT the ones we showed on our program.  However, it is one example of a different way to finish an artist trading card for the ATC & Photo Display.

All are from 7Gypsies:
ATC & Photo Display 
6x6 paper pack – Gypsy Market
97% complete sticker – Photographie word strips
Gaffer tape – Le Monde
Pearl Dangles
Seam binding – Gypsy Market
Flocked paper – Savannah Stripe


  1. Adhere paper (from 6x6 gypsy market paper pack to cover back of photo.
  2. Run gaffer tape along bottom edge of photo, folding around bottom to back.
  3. Punch 3 -5 holes along bottom of photo through gaffer.  Clip Pearl Dangles into holes. 
  4. Using the sticker strips on 97% complete sticker photographie, find words appropriate for photo.  Attach above gaffer tape.
  5. Cut a punch hear out of Savannah stripe flocked paper and stable to photo.
Punch 2 holes at the top of photo.  Tie card to display with Seam Binding.



Beth Madland & Julie McGuffee



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