Project 1513-5

My Little Shoebox – Clear Acrylic Album
By Pattie Beltran
Presented By Suzy West
Sponsor:  My Little Shoebox

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Papers and embellishments:  My Little Shoebox, “Who Loves You?” line
Acrylic album
Elmer’s adhesives


    • Cut a sheet of clear acrylic overlay to 8x8.
    • Cut an 8x8 square from Tweet hearts paper.  Cut out a 7x7 square from the center of the paper (leaving a 1 inch frame of the tweet hearts paper).
    • Adhere the pink paper frame to the acrylic page.
    • Punch out the yellow border strip from the die cut sheet and adhere along the top edge of the bottom portion of the pink paper frame.
    • From the back of the Yoo-Hoo paper, cut out the front facing owl, the tree with the two arms, the flower underneath the owl, and the blue flower from the top of the page.
    • Adhere the tree with foam squares along the left edge of the pink paper frame.
    • Adhere the larger teal flower towards the bottom of the page, slightly overlapping the tree.
    • Next, foam dot the smaller blue flower and place it overlapping the first flower.
    • Foam dot the owl and place him on the right hand side of the pink paper frame.
    • Lastly, I used my Glaze alphabets and mini alphabets to write out my title.
    • I filled the rest of my pages using 7x7 Who Love You? papers, embellishing each page with my die cuts, overlay transparencies, and alphabets.
    • Once I’ve filled all of my pages, I used my crop-a-dile to punch holes in the book.  I used 1 inch book rings and lots of fun ribbon to decorate my rings.


Julie McGuffee and Beth Madland



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