Project 1511-2

Cricut – Bridal Shower Invitation
By: Kristy Day
Sponsor:  Provo Craft/Cricut

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Cricut Expression Machine      Provo Craft
Home Décor Solutions Cartridge     Provo Craft
Wild Card Cartridge    Provo Craft
Stamping Solutions Cartridge    Provo Craft
Paper Trimmer
Glue Dots
Glue Pen
Foam Squares  (Pop Dots)
Black Ink Pad
Black Ribbon
Pink Ribbon
White Cardstock 9” x 9”  Score @ 4 ½”
Black Cardstock  4 ¼” x 8 ¾”
Pink Cardstock 2 ½” x 4”
Patterned Paper  4” x 6”


Using the STAMPING cartridge cut the scalloped circles.  Cut the white circle at 3”, you will also push the Shadow button.  Cut the black circle the same only changing the size to 3 ¼”.  Using a black ink pad ink the edges of the white circle.  Adhere the black and pink ribbon.  Adhere the rhinestones to the white circle.

Using the HOME DÉCOR cartridge cut the hearts.  The black and white patterned paper heart is cut at 2 ½”.  Cut the pink heart at the same size, now push the shift button.  The black heart is cut using the shift button as well, change your size to 2 ¾”.  Using the black ink pad ink the edge of the white heart.  Then adhere the hearts together.  Foam dot the hearts to the center of the scalloped  circles.
You will also cut the scroll at the bottom of the invitation, using this same cartridge.  It is cut at 1”  for the pink and the black will be cut by pushing the shadow button.  Adhere with the glue pen.

Ink the edges of the two pink pieces of paper and cardstock.  Before you adhere the pink patterned paper and the pink cardstock to the black piece,  apply black ribbon where the two pieces come together.  Adhere this piece to your white card base.  Using the foam squares (pop dots) adhere the circle piece to the invitation. 

Using the WILD CARD        cartridge  you will cut the wording for the invitation.  Page 79 of the Wild Card book will show you how to cut the wording for the front of the invitation.  Cut them at 6 ½”.  To cut the information for the inside of the invitation turn to page 37 of your WC book.  Cut this at 6 ½”  Adhere, using a glue pen to the inside of the card.

Apply the rhinestones to the end of the scroll, the dot for the “I” in Bridal and somewhere on the black and white patterned heart.

To cut several pieces of the same image you will turn on the AUTO FILL button and the QUANTITY button.  For example;  if you needed 30 invitations, you can enter the quantity and it will cut as many as will fit on the 12 x 12 piece of cardstock.  You will keep adding cardstock until it has cut the 30. 


Kristy Day and Beth Madland



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