Project 1506-5

Elmer’s – Photo Ornaments
By: Julie McGuffee
Sponsor: Elmer's

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Holidays are a great time of year to create family projects for your own home, or to give as gifts!



Elmer’s® Craftbond™ Glue All
Elmer’s® Craftbond™ Tacky Glue
X-ACTO® Razor Trimmer
Smoothfoam® 4” x 4” Cube
Embroidery Floss
Assorted Craft beads
Foam Brush
Paper clip
6 Photographs – 4” x 4”

1.  Cut photos to size.   You can create photos “on point” by turning them 45 deg then cropping them to size.  Or, cut a 4” square opening in a piece of paper.  Position this over a printed photograph so you can see where to cut.

2.  Determine the top point of the cube then adhere photos one at a time to each side of the cube.  You may need to let them dry a little each time so they don’t slip.  Photos can also be secured to the cube with a rubber band until they are completely dry.

3.  Using a skewer, or skinny dowel, poke a hole in the top of the cube.  (This is where 3 sides meet.)   Squeeze a little glue into the hole.  To create a hanger, cut a paper clip in half with one side longer than the other. (I used a colored one) then squeeze together.  Insert ends into hole then let dry.  You can also use a piece of wire bent into a “U” shape.  Cut a 6” piece of floss.  Thread one end through the hanger then knot ends together.  Add beads if desired.

                  Paper clip hanger:      

4.  Poke a hole in the opposite end of the cube then glue a hanger in place. Attach tassel.

5.  Tassels are easy to make from embroidery floss.  Cut skein in half.  Step 1.  (Each skein will make 2 tassels.)  Use one strand of floss to tie strands together at the top where the strands are folded over.  Step 2.   Use a second piece of floss to bunch strands together about ½” below the fold.  Step 3.   Attach to the hanger at the bottom of the cube.

How to Make a Tassel:

Step 1.                                     Step 2.                                      Step 3.



Julie McGuffee and Beth Madland



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