Project 1503-4

Kaleidoscope – Candle Holder
By: Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero
Sponsor: Kaleidoscope Collections

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Kaleidoscope Collections Kaleidoscope Kreator™ 3
• Digital or scanned photo
• PC with inkjet printer
• Flat matte inkjet photo paper
• Paper trimmer
• Scoring blade and straight edge
• Felt tip marker that matches the colors in the photo
• Paper piercer
• Sharp scissors
• Red liner (high tack) tape
• Bent nose tweezers
• Battery operated candle

CAUTION: This candle holder is for battery operated candles only. Do not use a real candle or get flame anywhere near this candle holder.  It is not flame proof!


    • Open digital photo in Kaleidoscope Kreator (File>Open Image). Click on the Select Kaleidoscope Shape button in the toolbar to choose either a Square (08) or Square (16) template shape. Move the photo around in the workspace to create a kaleidoscope design to your liking.
    • File>Print Multiple. On the left side of the Print Multiple window, uncheck “Maintain Proportions”, then enter 3.5” for the Width, 4.5” for the Height, 4 for Quantity and click Add. Next change the Height to 3.5” and the Quantity to 1 and click Add. Check Print Margins and enter 0.25” for the Margin Size. Check Show Cutlines. On the right side of the Print Multiple window, choose your printer at the top and click on Properties to select Matte Photo paper or Presentation paper. Click OK on the bottom right of the window to send to the printer. (The kaleidoscopes will print on two sheets.)
    • Cut out the kaleidoscopes along the cut lines using a paper trimmer.
    • Score along each edge of the kaleidoscopes, i.e. ¼” in from the edge of each margin.  Fold each edge towards the back of the kaleidoscope.
    • Snip off each corner of the white margins with scissors.
    • With the white margins folded back, go along each folded edge with a felt tip marker that matches the printed design. 
    • Using the paper piercer, poke holes in each of the kaleidoscopes following the printed design.
    • Using sharp scissors, cut a hole out of the center of the square kaleidoscope, following the design if desired. Go around the edge of the hole with a felt tip marker.
    • For each of the rectangular kaleidoscopes, adhere the bottom margin to the back using red liner tape.
    • Also, apply red liner tape down the left side margin of each rectangular kaleidoscope and around each margin of the square kaleidoscope.
    • Assemble the candle holder by attaching the top of each rectangle to the square kaleidoscope, i.e. the top of the candle holder. Then adhere the sides together. (Use the bent nose tweezers for the best adhesion.)
    • Place finished candle holder over battery operated candle.


Beth Madland and Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero



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