Project 1502-5

Simplicity/Elmer’s – Strip Scrap Journals
By Pattie Wilkinson
Sponsor: Simplicity and Elmer’s

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Elmer’s Adhesives
Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine

These personal journals, created with strips of paper, are super fast when using an electric rotary cutting machine, and they have a secret technique that binds them all together.” 



  • Cut a strip of paper with the pinking blade of machine #1 for the journal.
  • Cut a strip of paper with the straight edge blade of machine #2 for embellishments.
  • Show components needed for the journal, already cut.
  • Go to the nearly complete journal, and show applying glue to bind it together.
  • Place binder clip over the spine, set aside.
  • Go to finished journal.
  • Show the other two styles of journals.

Some Tips:

    • Cutting strips with the rotary cutting machine is so fast and easy.
    • The rotary cutting machine cuts fabric, felt, vinyl, and several layers at a time.
    • Adjustable guide for cutting strips; 1/2 “ to 2-1/2” wide.
    • Making these Personal Journals is a clever use of scrap papers.
    • The journals can also be made for a brag book, diary, bridal keepsake, etc.


Pattie Wilkinson & Beth Madland



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