Project 1209-Epson!
Epson Computer Tip:  Layered Templates
By Barbara Kotsos
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Kids Can Scrapbook, Too!

Materials Needed:
  • computer
  • Epson wide-format printer (for printing templates)
  • Epson PictureMate
  • 4x6" digital photos on a digital camera card for printing on the PictureMate

When you find yourself looking for ways to keep your little ones' hands busy, try channeling some of their boundless energy into scrapbooking.  Because children love expressing their creativity with art supplies, scrapbooking is a fun way to spend time together.  You can share your hobby and record memories while reinforcing your child's language and computer skills in an entertaining way.

Using our free, predesigned Children's Scrapbooking templates means a fun activity is just minutes away.  Just download and print the templates, then help your child attach 4' x 6" photos, journaling and embellishments to the pages.  You'll have an art project that will be treasured for years to come.

Tips for Scrapbooking with children:

  • Keep it simple - Children give up easily when they feel overwhelmed.  Introduce the scrapbooking project in small chunks.  Avoid presenting a huge, ongoing project.  By keeping it simple, you'll keep them wanting to do more so that they will be willing to scrapbook with you again soon.
  • Keep it authentic - One of the most wonderful things about scrapbooking with your child is the ability to record their own ideas and handwriting for future generations.  If your child owns a digital camera, they can even include their own photos in the project.  Let the child make her own choices and decisions, providing gentle guidance.  Show your child how to use the PictureMate Personal Photo lab so that he can select and print his own 4x6" photos to fit into our scrapbook pages.
  • Keep it quick - Children have short attention spans.  Plan projects that take less than 30 minutes for a greater chance of success.  Our predesigned, downloadable templates take only 15-20 minutes to complete.  To use the templates, simply print the scrapbook page, print a photo on the PictureMate, then fill in the writing prompts.  The child can finish the page with embellishments and artwork.
  • Keep it child-centered - What child doesn't love receiving his own collection of art supplies?  Your child will feel ownership in the project if he knows that nothing is "off limits" to him.  Try placing a few tools such as scissors, hole punches, markers, a ruler and glue sticks in a small basket or shoe box.  Add small containers such as Tic Tac boxes with a supply of brads or beads.  Tuck in a few bags or envelopes of stickers, small die cuts, paper flowers, label holders, and chipboard so that your child can express her creativity.  Small pieces of ribbon and string make a good addition to your child's scrapbooking box.
  • Keep it educational - Take the opportunity to teach your child how the computer, scanner and printers work.  You'll be surprised at how quickly a child can learn new technology skills.  As your child completes the journaling, you'll be able to reinforce handwriting, spelling and writing skills. Scrapbooking together also gives you a chance to explore color theory and the principles of good design.
  • Keep it fun - While it is a good teaching opportunity, try not to give too much guidance.  Allow your child to enjoy stretching her creative wings.
  • Keep it organized - Have everything prepared ahead of time so that your child doesn't lose enthusiasm while they wait for you to get the project ready.
  • Keep it clean - It's a good idea to line your table with a protective sheet of paper so that the child doesn't have to worry about spills or stray marker streaks.

Scrapbook Template Embellishment Ideas:

Your child may like to try some of these products to decorate his scrapbook pages.

  • brads
  • beads
  • stapler/staples
  • ribbon, string, jute
  • photo corners
  • journaling pens
  • artwork
  • small stickers (stars, dots) or stamps with ink
  • chipboard
  • label holders
  • dimensional dots to attach photo so it "pops" off the page
  • glitter pens
  • paper flowers
  • small die cuts or punches

You're never too young to begin scrapbooking.  The youngest child can scribble or add her handprints, while school age children have the ability to add detailed journaling and artistic touches. Including your child in the scrapbooking process allows you to include their perspective of their own story as they grow.

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