Project 1209-6

Sakura – Clear Acrylic Album
By Holly VanDyne
Presented by Julie McGuffee and Beth Madland
Sponsor:  Sakura Color Products of America

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Materials Needed:

• Plastic sheeting
• Fabric paints in primary colors
• 2 brayers
• Sheets of white muslin cut approximately to 8.5" x 11" in size
• Transparency sheet
• Household tools for mark making (such as hair combs, paint texture tools, bubble wrap, etc.)
• 1" foam brushes

  1. Protect your worktable with plastic sheeting to keep your table from getting permanently colored.
  2. Put dollops of paint onto the transparency sheet.
  3. Swirl the paints together using a brayer.
  4. Take a texture tool, comb, or other household tool and make designs into the paint.
  5. Take a sheet of muslin and place on top of the paint.
  6. With your second (dry) brayer, gently push the fabric into the paint. Pull the fabric off, allow to dry, and on e dry, heat set the paint with an iron.
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Julie McGuffee and Beth Madland




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