Project 1208-4

Digital Scrapbook Memories
By April Oakes
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Combine simple household tools with textile paints to create original, colorful fabrics for your quilts.

Digital Scrapbooking is so much fun!  Completed pages look incredible when printed.  You can print your pages over and over in different sizes, e-mail them to family, put them on DVD slide shows and much much more.  Once you get the hang of digital scrapbooking you’ll be excited to find how quick and easy it is.  The best part is there is no mess!

To complete a scrapbook page like the one below you’ll need to first open whatever image-editing program you want to use.  It needs to be a program where you can layer papers, pictures and embellishments from Digital Scrapbook Memories on top of each other.  Most people already have some type of program at home that will work for this.

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