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ABC Book For Children
By Jinger Adams

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Materials Needed

Thirteen 8x8 chipboard squares with three 1/8 inch holes punched on one side.

Three silver book rings 3-inches round
Red, orange, blue and green ribbon 1-inch or bigger
Orange dot patterned paper
Just Jinger Pre-made embellishments
Blue Bazzill cardstock
White Bazzill cardstock
Crimson Bazzill cardstock
Leapfrog Bazzill cardstock
Mexican Poppy Bazzill cardstock
Festive Bazzill cardstock
Black Bazzill cardstock
Alphabet letters cut 3 ½ inches from the above mentioned colors
Foam square pop dots
Glue dots
Paper trimmer
Sakura Pen, Micron black 08
Van Dyke Brown ink pad
Black ink pad
1/8 – inch hole punch
White acrylic paint
1-inch foam brush
Small red, orange, and blue buttons
Star punch
Cover Page:
1. Cut the orange circle paper to 8x8 inches. Adhere it to the 8x8 chipboard using glue dots. Take you hole puncher, turn over the chipboard so that you can see where the holes are punched. Punch you holes in line with the holes on the chipboard.
2. Take your big 3 ½ inch letters A B C and lightly paint the edges white. While these are drying cut a piece of leapfrog green to a 6x6- inch square. Glue that in the middle of the orange dot paper.
3. Put foam Squares onto the back of your big A B C letters. Place them going down the book, in a diagonal, as shown. Wrap red ribbon around the “A” Blue ribbon around the “B” and orange ribbon around the “C”.
4. Next add the heart punch-outs, painting white around the edges. Adhere with the foam dots also. Add the buttons onto the top.
Inside Pages:
Tip: Almost all of the photo mounts are all the same size. The outer mount color is 5x7 inches and the inside white color is 4 ½ x 6 ½ inches.
A is for Apple:
1. Cut leapfrog green to 8x8 inches. Adhere to the chipboard. Make sure to punch out your holes for the rings to slip through.
2. Cut your crimson red cardstock to 5x7 inches. Ink all the edges with Van Dyke brown ink.
3. Cut a piece of white cardstock 4 ½ x 6 ½ inches. Ink all of its edges. Adhere to the red mount.
4. Adhere the mount to the top middle of the 8x8 page.
5. On your “A” write the phrase “A is for apple” with your Sakura pen.
6. Using foam dots, adhere your “A” onto the bottom right of the page.
7. Next adhere your apple tag using glue dots. (Tip: I don’t use foam dots on the already made tags. They usually already have pieces on them that are popped up.)
8. Continue all your next pages in the exact same way, just using different colors of cardstock that accent the embellishments for that letter.
9. After all the pages are designed put the rings into the holes of the chipboard.
10. Finish off by tying ribbon around all of the rings.

Jinger Adams

Sponsor: Wilton Industries/ Just Jinger Designs

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