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Lauren “Girl”
Designed by LeNae Gerig
Presented by Sara Naumann

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LeNae’s Designer Tip: This sophisticated layout uses coordinating papers and embellishments for a classy collage look that’s quick to create.

Materials Needed

Paper Pizazz® Busy Scrapper’s Solution Vintage Papers

Vintage Embellish-abilities™
Ivory embroidery floss
1/16” wide hole punch
Brown ink pad
X-acto® knife, cutting mat
Fine point black pen
Foam Tape
1. Use the green with roses as the background. Cut a 10” x 9.5” piece of pink roses paper and ink the edges brown. Glue to the right edge of the background, 1 1/2”” from the top of the page. Add a burgundy mini brad in each left corner.
2. Mat the photos on mauve paper and trim. Glue the large photo 3/4” from the left edge of the pink with roses paper. Glue the smaller photo angled, near the top right of the pink roses paper. Cut out the striped ribbon border and glue across the page, just above the bottom of the lower photo. Add the “Live, Laugh, Love” square over the ribbon with foam tape. Journal on the green tag and punch a hole in the tag top. Thread with embroidery floss. Tie a bow of burgundy grosgrain and attach with Zots™, securing the end of the embroidery floss under it to “hang the tag”.
3. Cut out the “beautiful” tab. Use the X-acto™ to cut along the dotted lines, then tuck the cut portion behind the top of the matted photo. Cut out the alphabet tiles. Add the “L” between the two photos with foam tape. Added small pieces of folded ribbon behind the “G” and “L”, then attach to the right end of the faux ribbon border, using foam tape behind the “G” and “R”. Add the “Heirloom Roses” art below the smaller photo.
4. Cut out the “special” art, glue to the center of a burgundy Great Big Brad™. Layer a small burgundy silk flower over a larger one and use the brad to attach them to the right of “Heirloom Roses” art, overlapping the bottom of the smaller photo. Thread one burgundy and one white button with embroidery floss. Add the burgundy button to the left of the “Heirloom Roses” art. Add a “joyful” word fragment below the silk flower and attach the white button just above it.

Sara Naumann & Julie McGuffee

Sponsor: Hot Off the Press

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