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Alexis Jade 2007 with Daisy – Photo Tinting with Glaze Dimensions
By Katie and Corrie Reising

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Materials Needed

Green paper

Light Green paper

3x6 1/2 brown paper
51/2x71/2 brown paper
printed vellum title
4 pieces of ribbon
4 printed black and white flower daisy photos
1 5x7 photo
Glaze Dimensions metallic and pastel sets
1. Place down green paper. Rip light green paper. Glue on top of dark green paper.
2. Glue 5x7 picture on dark green back ground paper. Glue down on the left bottom of the page
3. Glue velum on the back ground dark green paper then glue on the top center of page.
4. Place the tiles in a diamond shape to the left hand corner of page and glue down.
5. Glue down the four pieces of ribbon horizontally on the right hand side of the page.
6. Glue four daisy pictures on four light green background squares then glue over ribbon
7. Use Glaze Dimensions from The Stencil Collection to tint photos.Use yellow in center of daisy then add a drop of green. This gives a 3-D effect. Let dry five to ten minutes.
8. Add metallic green glaze dimensions over tiles to get a dimensional shimmer look.
9. Add a touch of glaze dimensions over any part of a photo to create a dimensional look.

Katie and Corrie Reising

Sponsor: The Stencil Collection

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