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Big Picture Scrapbooking Tip - Color Organization
By Stacy Julian

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Expressing yourself creatively is an important part of a vibrant and happy life. It’s especially vital as women that we”fill up our buckets” – refuel and enjoy inspiring activities. Getting started scrapbooking can be overwhelming, keep these tips in mind:

You don’t need everything. Resist the urge to collect and collect and collect.

You do need a realistic and accessible space where you can scrapbook. This can be a corner in a spare bedroom a whole room – as long as it’s dedicated and ready when you are!
Organization is part of scrapbooking. Don’t aim for perfection, but do store pictures and other items in the way you use them. This will save you time and allow you to be inspired and creative!!
Big Tip I organize by color – and I LOVE it!!

Stacy Julian

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