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Big Picture Scrapbooking Tip - Memory Triggers
By Stacy Julian

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Food as a memory trigger

Every Thanksgiving, my mother prepares and serves Danish Salad and every Thanksgiving she reminds us that this was her grandmother Jensen’s recipe. Make a new kind of recipe file – one that connected the food, to the memories!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

3 or 4 recipes from important people in your family/past

A recipe file (rolodex style) that you can alter and decorate
Instead of organizing recipes by “type” organized them by person
Big Tip: Use recipe cards that are big enough for all of the ingredients – including the memories!! Feature only a few recipes for each person in your file, so that it remains an inviting and exciting peek into your past!
Project: Recipe File
Description/Products used:

Scrap O Dex –
Coordinating paper and chipboard letters:

Stacy Julian

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