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By Katie and Corrie Reising

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Materials Needed

Blue 8x10 paper

one 5x7 black and white sail boat picture
four pieces of blue border paper
two pieces 1x1 white paper
one piece 3 1/2 x 3 1/2
Sail boat stencil - The Stencil Collection
No-Smear Pastels- The Stencil Collection
Cotton ball tool- The Stencil Collection
Glaze Dimensions- The Stencil Collection
1. Start out by laying out the blue 8x10 piece of paper. Lay boat stencil on 3 1/2 x 31/2 piece of white paper
2. Color with Non- Smear Pastels. Use cotton ball applicator. Change colors with-out changing cotton ball.
3. Use compass part of stencil on the two pieces of 1x1 white paper. Glue blue back ground paper on all three and behind sailboat picture.
4. Glue down sailboat photo on the bottom center. Glue down stenciled boat top center.
Glue down both stenciled compasses on both sides of sailboat.
5. Squeeze out Blue Glaze Dimensions over the water. Squeeze out Brown Glaze Dimensions for the rock and wood on the sail boat. Let dry ten minutes.

Katie and Corrie Reising

Sponsor: The Stencil Collection

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