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Dog on Beach – Photo Tinting and Embellishing with Tiles
By Katie and Corrie Reising

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Materials Needed

The Stencil Collections Non- Smear Pastels

The Stencil Collection Glaze dimensions or hologram
glitter glue
The Stencil Collection tiles - 16 brown tiles
Blue paper
Brown paper
5x7 black and white photo
Printed title on 7x3 cream paper
Printed Beach saying on vellum
Cotton ball Applicator
1. Start out with 8x10 Blue paper. Glue title a day at the beach down in top center of
page.Glue brown paper under title in center.
2. Rip edges of vellum and use a little dot of glue on both ends. Glue down tiles on both ends of vellum to hide the glue dots.
3. Glue four tiles on all four corners of title. (two square shaped, two diamond shaped)
4. Glue 5x7 photo over back ground brown paper and glue in middle of page.
5. Glue down the remaining 10 brown tiles ( they should be in a diamond shape)
6. Apply Non-Smear pastels with cotton ball applicator to color in sand or any part of your black and white photo
7. Use glaze dimensions or hologram glitter glue to give
a dynamic look.

Katie and Corrie Reising

Sponsor: The Stencil Collection

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