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Adobe Digital Scrapbooking Tip – Cookie Cutter
By Linda Sattgast

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To cut a photo into a shape you can use as a fun tag:

Open your photo (File > Open).

Select the Cookie Cutter tool.
Open the Shape menu in the Options Bar and double click on the shape you want to use. (To access more shapes, click on the right facing triangle at the top of the Shape menu.)
Click and drag an outline on your photo. Press Shift as you click and drag if you wish to maintain the original proportions.
When you let go of the mouse, your photo will be cut into the shape you chose and will have an outline around it. You can continue to click and drag from any handle to resize the shape. Again, press Shift to maintain proportions.
When you're satisfied, click on the check mark to accept the shape.
To make a shape the size you want:
Open the Info palette (Window > Info). When the Info palette pops up on the desktop, click on the bar at the top and drag it to a different location, if necessary.
Select the Move tool and make sure "Show Bounding Box" is checked in the Options Bar.
Watch the numbers in the right, lower quadrant on the Info palette as you click and drag from a corner handle to resize your shape. When the numbers match the size you want, click on the check mark to accept the change.
Note: If your version of Photoshop Elements is older than 5.0, you will need to press Shift to maintain proportions when you resize using "Show Bounding Box."

Materials for "Give Thanks" page by Linda Sattgast and Mary Newman:
Background: Sandy Lion "Fall," Solid paper: World Win Treasures, Tag on star: go west studios, Mesh Ribbon.

Linda Sattgast

Sponsor: Adobe Systems Inc. and Scrapper’s Guide

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