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Big Picture Scrapbooking Tip - Have Fun
By Stacy Julian

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Don’t forget to have FUN!

I love brownies. A couple of years ago, I decided they were my “treat” of choice, and that I wanted to experience as many different kinds of brownies as possible – why not? This year I am “tracking” every single brownie I eat – I take pictures, I write short reviews and I have discovered a new “chocolate” perspective on my life that is a whole lot of fun!

Ask yourself -- What one little thing could you keep track of, that would share a unique perspective on your life?

1. Purchase a portable calendar/date book that you can alter and use as a scrapbook

2. Commit to carrying a small camera with you everywhere you go!
3. Adapt the attitude that it’s 100% OK, to photograph your desserts (or whatever else you’re tracking!)
Project: Brownie Tracker
  Description/Products used:
4x6 My Book Planner -
  Coordinating Chatterbox Paper -

Stacy Julian

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