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Big Picture Scrapbooking Tip – The bits and pieces of life
By Stacy Julian

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The bits and pieces of life

Pictures are only one kind of memory trigger – think how often you are transported back in time because you hear or smell something from your past. Anything that imprints our senses is a trigger to past experiences!

1. Start a collection (easy to access) where you can store bits and pieces – not traditional memorabilia, but more everyday things like product labels, receipts, packaging from food or candy, etc.

2. Don’t try to determine which bits and pieces will have most meaning – don’t try and plan how you will use them, just save them.
3. Every now and then, open visit your collection of “stuff” and browse through it. When your memory is triggered and you are suddenly aware of another person, place or time. Scrapbook it!
Project: Colorful You Album and The Present
  Description/Products used:
5x7 Book Tinz by Teresa Collins for Junkitz -

Stacy Julian

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