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Epson Computer Tip – Finding Photos in the Funniest Places
(Using Photos in Accessories)
By Barbara Kotsos

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Bigger isn’t always better. Some of our most precious images are now found proudly displayed in pens, handbags, key chains and one of the most popular accessories – photo jewelry. Reducing and cropping your images to fit in tiny spaces is easy with the help of your computer and/or scanner.
1. Open PSE 5.0, click on Edit & Enhance Photos

Once the Editor Screen is open, locate and open the image(s) with which to work when creating your photo jewelry or accessories.

a. For this sample, we’ll work with the Memory Makers Photo Jewelry Money Clip and need two images. This is a great gift for the men in your life!

3. Many times, the photo jewelry and accessories come with very simple instructions for resizing your images for easy insertion. However, if your particular piece did not, or perhaps it was misplaced, let’s look at how to determine measurements.
4. Pop out the plastic cover and the sample image in the piece. Keep track of the plastic pieces, since they are clear – they are easy to misplace. Using a ruler marked in both inches and centimeters, measure the width and height of the sample images. Depending on the size, sometimes it is easier to work with centimeters versus inches.

a. For this sample, there are two images to measure. The vertical image measures 0.60” x 0.76” and the smaller horizontal image measures 0.65” x 0.55”.
5. Examine the images and determine which image is best suited for each size and orientation. Your eye will immediately size up the best choice and crop.

Select the Crop Tool (shortcut: press C) and change the Aspect Ratio to No Restriction and input the first set of measurements, along with a DPI of 300 pixels/inch.

a. If you are working with centimeters, make sure you change the unit of measurements.


Using your Crop Tool (shortcut: press C), drag a marquee in the perfect proportions over the image. Click on the Check Mark to confirm the cropping action.

a. Here’s a tip. If your measurements are off slightly, don’t worry. When cropping your photos, allow a bit of “wiggle room.” This will allow you to trim slightly smaller, if necessary.


Repeat the cropping action for the second image, using the second set of measurements. Click on the Check Mark to confirm the cropping action.

9. For easy printing, open a New Blank File sized to the following specifications:

a. Size: 4”x6”

b. DPI: 300

c. Background: White

Switch to the Move Tool (shortcut: press V) and drag and drop each newly cropped image to the new blank file.

a. If you are creating multiple pieces of jewelry or accessories, don’t waste the paper.

b. Edit all the images necessary for all the pieces and drag and drop as many that will fit on the sheet of paper. Don’t forget, you could easily use 5”x7”, 8”x10” or letter-sized photo papers which are highly water-resistant.

11. Print, trim and insert your photos. Don’t forget to replace the plastic protective covers.

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Barbara Kotsos

Sponsor: Epson America, Inc.

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