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By Laurie Smith

Always plan for your journaling-which is where you’re going to tell the story of your photos. The minimum is who, when, where, what…………take the time to recall something meaningful from the event. When you go back and look at this scrapbook, you’ll be so happy to have the emotions and relationship information in your journaling. Use journaling blocks, plan an actual spot on your page to journal. You can easily write under the pictures on down the margin, but you’ll find the look is cleaner with a designated spot.

Handwritten journaling adds a personalized touch to your page. It doesn’t matter if you like your handwriting, force yourself to handwrite the majority of your journaling. Invest in about three different sizes of black markers—pigment ink.

Computer journaling offers many choices for fonts, sizes and colors. Use the computer for some pages but really focus on handwriting for the personal touch!

In a theme album, you may not need journaling on every page—it might be a compilation of a bunch of pictures that are self explanatory---or the page title might be all you need.


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