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Action Springs
By Julie Stephani

Add a little action to your pages by attaching wire springs to the back of some of the details.

Action Details

Have some fun by adding spring action to make things “pop” off of your pages. It’s surprising how much it perks up a page. Put them on the back of photos, die cuts, stickers, or even words.

Action Pages

Make a fish come alive or make a hula dancer shake! The hand and fish were cut out of a second print of the picture, and the spring was attached to the page directly over the same part of the original picture. What a great effect!


[insert Photo 2 & 3 : Fisherman page and Tropical page]

Make the spring

Step 1: Wire. Select the weight of wire needed for the size of detail that it will be attached to. The larger the detail, the heavier the wire you will use. You will get more “action” with a lighter-weight wire. Do a little experimenting to see the effect you like best.

Step 2: Coil. Wrap a 7” length of wire around a pencil or a 3/8” wooden dowel, having wraps close together. Remove coil. The length of the wire will determine how far the detail will stick out from the page.

Step 3: Attach coil. Bend the ends of the coil so they will glue easily to a flat surface. Glue one end of the wire to the back of the detail. Glue the other end of the coil to the page.

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