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Pumpkin Halloween Page
Designed by Miriam Campbell

Materials Needed

Halloween Collection papers - Heidi Grace Designs

Flocked die-cut tags – Heidi Grace Designs
Cardstock stickers – Heidi Grace Designs
Seagull and Clouds decorative edge scissors – Fiskars® Brands, Inc.
Trims and ribbons are all the rage in scrapbooking, but can become expensive.
Dust off your decorative scissors and get the look of “trims” with patterned papers.
This technique can be done with any type of paper – striped patterns of either text or themed images work well.

For a distressed look, cut your paper with decorative scissors, then lightly sand the shaped edges.
Give die-cuts with straight edges a new look by shaping them with decorative scissors. Snipping one edge will do the trick – then sand. Try it with stickers, too.
1. 1. Cut between striped images with decorative scissors. With seagull scissors cut along he spider images, creating a somewhat symmetrical decorative strip (or trim). This will be used on a photo mat.
2. 2. With seagull scissors again find printed text on orange patterned paper. Cut along the text as in Step 1. Flip paper around and cut on the other side of the text. This will be used as a 12” border strip.
3. 3. Sand edges of decorative strips for a distressed look. Hold black text strip in one hand and sandpaper in the other, lightly distress shaped edges. This same strip will be threaded through the die-cut tag in Step 4
4. 4. With cloud scissors cut the bottom edge of the die-cut tag. Sand the decorative edges of the tag. Use the strip from Step 3 and thread it through the tag opening – like a ribbon.
Sponsor: Fiskars® Brands, Inc./Heidi Grace Designs

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