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Choosing an Album
By Laurie Smith

There are many types and sizes of albums.

Post bound albums are very popular and readily available. They are held together with 2 or 3 metal posts that are removable so the album can be expanded. The page protector is what is secured in to the album, and then the scrapbook page is inserted into the page protector. This allows you to change the order of your pages with ease and use any color paper for your pages.

Strap hinge albums use a plastic strap that connects to the actual scrapbook page and the page protector goes over the page.

Spiral Bound Albums come in a variety of sizes. They are appropriate for single events; special occasions and even kids to scrapbook their own stuff.

Determine what your album is going to be used for first, and then it will be easier to determine what size album you’ll need.

12” x 12” album- chronological family albums, child’s first year’s album, elementary school album, etc. All work well in the larger album format.

8” x 8” or 6” x 6” albums- special occasions such as wedding, new baby, anniversary, vacation all work well in these size albums.

Once you’ve decided on the theme, gather your pictures and organize them in some sort of order. It might be chronological; it could be individual players then team photos, etc.


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