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By Julie Stephani

Make a pretty family tree to include at the beginning of your heritage albums.

Genealogy played a big part of scrapbooking in the beginning days when most scrapbookers were primarily interested in capturing and preserving their family history. It still does, but interests have moved more towards scrapbooking for the pleasure of creative expression.

Every heritage album needs a family tree so people can see the family connections clearly. You can present the information in an attractive and personal way by using a little creativity. The number of generations you include on your pages depends on the size of your family.

Step 1: Prepare family tree. Look at your family tree and decide on the number of generations you can fit on one page. If you don’t have a current one, draw your family tree on a piece of large paper. The easiest way is to draw horizontal lines across the paper and have each space between the lines represent a generation.

Step 2: Print names. Print family names and information you want to include onto white paper. You will want to include maiden names, birth dates, and death dates. Marriage dates can be printed on a separate paper and placed between the two people who were married. You can print by hand or use a computer. Look at the longest name to determine the size of the rectangles. Cut out a rectangle pattern that you can use for all of the names. Trace the rectangle pattern around each name and information. Cut out

Step 3: Prepare page You may have a small family on one page or a larger family on two pages. If you have two pages, place one side of the family on each page. Select a solid paper for each page. Select a patterned paper and cut 1/4” off each side with a decorative-edge scissor. Glue patterned paper onto each page. Cut six 1/8” wide strips of paper the length of the page. Place three or four strips on the page(s) to separate the generations. Cut other strips in small pieces to connect names of people who are married.

Step 4: Make title. Decide on a title for your page(s). Print title by hand or use a computer. Cut a rectangle around words. Mat with coordinating colors.

Step 5: Arrange names. Place names, strips, and title on the page(s) and move them around until they are correctly placed, adjusting the position of strips as needed. Place small pieces of strips between names of people who are married.

Step 6: Mat names (optional). If you have room for thin borders around the names, glue each name on color-coordinated paper and cut around it leaving a thin border. Use a different color for each generation. Place matted names back on the page(s).

Step 7: Finish. Glue all of the pieces on the page(s).

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