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Scrapbook Memories Series 900
Flat Embellishments
Melissa Inman features chipboard techniques. Then Barbara Kotsos has our technology tip and a quick and easy sports idea. Suzanne Walker has a beautiful mother daughter page. Terese White has her printer out for digital embellishments on a 12 x 12 page. Last up, Mary Norwood has a graduation page featuring a shrink plastic, gemstones and micro beads for a different type of flat embellishment.
902 Digital Technology
Our first guest is Ellen Marden with a fantastic mini album – and it’s digitally created. Then Laurie Smith will be back with a beginner tip on distressing. Beth Madland presents a card using pop up punches. Then it’s the digital expert, Barbara Kotsos and turning a word file into a jpeg. Then one more digital idea from Terese White – and a page entitled Daddy’s little girl.

Die Cuts
Heather Lancaster demonstrates monogram stationary using diecuts. Then Laurie Smith has a beginner tip for accordion folding. Suzanne Walker is back with a birthday page. And when is a diecut not a cut out? – when it’s done digitally by Barbara Kotsos, she’ll show us letters and monograms. Last up Melissa Inman creates foam stamps from die cuts and dresses up purchased die cuts.

904 Forgotten Holidays and Card Making
First, Suzanne Walker has 2 forgotten holiday cards. Then today’s technology tip is “cattitude”; pages with cat designs. Then we have a card featuring friendship day – in fact couldn’t that be every day? That is the uniqueness of this card; it can be altered for all different occasions. Heather Lancaster has a grandparent’s day card. And last up Terese White has an invitation, place card and even a page for the 4th of July.
905 Paper Crafts
Melanie Bauer demonstrates a wonderful decorative box with cards. Then Barbara Kotsos gives equal time to dogs with theme pages for pet loves. Kathleen Hampton joins us with a collage card with vellum quotes and paper. Terese White expands our notion of paper crafting with a gift box and coordinated tag. And last up Stacy Croninger has a travel tag.
906 Recipe for Scrapbooking
Suzanne Walker has a kitchen bridal shower invitation. Next Laurie Smith‘s beginner tip is basic rubber stamping techniques. Then it Paula Hallinann, and a recipe for 2 new techniques and tools. Next Barbara Kotsos presents the technology tip; creating a book maybe of favorite recipes. Last up is Sara Neumann with more recipes in a special binder.
907 Color
Stacy Croninger introduces a special card; change the color and change the occasion. Next Laurie Smith has a lesson on the color wheel on our beginner tip. Then we’re in the pink with a page created by Stephanie Barnard. Technology is next with Barbara Kotsos and cropping photos digitally. And last up Terese White keeps it digital with personal embellishments from photos on a 12 x 12 page.

Home Dec
First up are Amy Brinkman and Nancy Martinez - their home dec project is going downtown with a mini girlfriend album. Next is Barbara Kotsos with our technology tip and turning frowns into smiles. Then Stacy Julian shows us home dec – with a style all her own. Then its Judy Coltman – she’ll introduce us to a whole new sound for scrapbooking; she’ll show us how to add audio to our pages. Last up Heather Lancaster creates a word search wall picture.


Craft Techniques
Paula Hallinan is a scrapbooker first but also a crafter at heart. She uses paints, stamps stencils and so many other products on her page. Next it’s our technology tip with Barbara Kotsos and using a straightening tool. Then Beth Madland has a project using a new die cut machine to make fabric frames right on your scrapbook page. Next Heather Lancaster creates a gift bag combining scrapbook and craft techniques. Last up is Suzanne Walker and sewing and scrapbooking with a stitched page.


Textured and patterned paper
Leslie Ayres creates a very unique photo frame. Then Laurie Smith has our beginner idea and tips for using patterned paper. Suzanne Walker has a page that’s “pure girl”. On our technology tip, Barbara Kotsos creates digital brads. Last up Kathleen Hampton has a feature card where you can create your own texture using vellum.


Soft Looks
First up is Sara Neumann with her signature look of romantic and soft designs. Next is a special beginner tip from Julie McGuffee. Then it’s Melanie Bauer with a decorative journal featuring a soft palette of color. Then its time for Barbara Kotsos and the technology tip – today is moving and changing faces on your photographs. Last up is Kathleen Hampton and a very different project using cotton paper for a bracelet.


The Great Outdoors
Nancy Martines and Amy Brinkman add the soft palette of the oudoors to a page. Next Barbara Kotsos shows us how to add texture using a scanner. Terese White is back with a page in 2 sizes entitled “Ms. Lela’s class”. Julie McGuffee introduces us to a new technique featuring masking. Last up Lynelle Harlowe introduces us to a wonderful new technique with spray color and bleach



First up, journaling doesn’t have to be in writing; how about sound? with Sherry Cook. Then it’s Laurie Smith and some beginner journaling tips. Next Julie McGuffee has a technique for creating a custom window in a mini album. Then it’s a little magic with Barbara Kotsos on our technology tip. Last up; tell your story in pictures with Ellen Marden and an amazing album technique.


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