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Scrapbook Memories Series 400
Tune in for a show filled with action as hosts Beth Madland, Michele Gerbrandt, and Julie McGuffee share amazing interactive scrapbook pages. Michele has creative journaling tips for you and guest Lynelle Harlow stops by to share fabulous stencil designs. Barb Kotsos returns with a computer tip for using Word text boxes as titles for your pages, then discover a creative page using hot shape tools. Lori Pieper shares beautiful coordinated papers for a special look to your pages and Michele wraps up the show with a look at unique ways to adorn your photo mats.

Discover the fun of trading cards as our hosts compare ideas for some truly imaginative cards. First up Michele has a tip for making an album cover from your pages. Marilyn Osskamp visits with a fabulous Iris paper folding technique. Julie shares a valuable tip for using a paper trimmer and Barb Kotsos returns to show you how to add photos as a design element to your pages. Create a beautiful card using a tool created just for card making and then join in for a discussion on scrapbooks vs. photo albums vs. diaries.


Here’s a show that will surely garner your “stamp” of approval. Our hosts share the latest in stamping techniques, from watermark stamping to heat emboss stamping, then Michele shares a lovely and romantic scrapbook page. You’ll feel like you’re in Vermont as Beth and guest, Lyn Krucke share a page with great ideas for blending ink colors on mosaic squares. Barb Kotsos has a tip using a computer function called Word Art with photos for creative titles. Laurie Smith has hints for beginners and Julies and Beth present a page every bride would love to have. Last Beth has a clever new embellishment.


We’ve got embellishments galore as our hosts share some of the trendiest add-ons to your pages. It’s a day at the “beach” as guest Lyn Krucke brings new dimension to a fun page using oven-bake clay, and then Marinda Stewart shares a fabulous technique utilizing metallic threads. Julie takes the “puzzle” out of designing unique scrapbook pages while Barb Kotsos shows how to create the illusion of dimension while eliminating bulk from your album. Julie explores fun die cuts and Michele has some great ideas for creative photo corners.


Scrapbooking and geometric shapes – especially squares, come together in perfect unison as our hosts share ingenious designs ideas. Michele and Julie discuss cutting edge photo cropping techniques, then discover a beautiful quilted effect using angles. Beth continues our look at geometrics with a fun scrap/cube and Barb Kotsos demonstrates how to use your scanner to create your own portable embellishments library. Julie wraps up the show with a look at creative uses for all those leftover scrapbooking supplies.


Are your ready to crop! Out hosts share with you some fabulous items that will make transporting your supplies a cinch. From a crop caddy, to back packs and more you’ll discover helpful ways to store and transport your supplies. Create a colorful collage with Michele and then stay tuned as Barb Kotsos shows you how to get and use great fonts from the internet. Julie gives a patriotic look to her project with a little red, white and blue. Michael Assile stops by with valuable tips for using glue, followed by a “tag” challenge as our hosts create their own very unique tags.


Here comes the sun! We kick off this show with a challenge as each host shows creative uses for a “sun” punch. Michele shows how to color your scrapbook with punch art, and then Lyn Krucke stops by with an adorable pretty in pink dress-up page. Barb Kotsos returns with tips on getting the best use out of your inkjet photo printer. We’ll celebrate a 3rd birthday with a stencil and embossing tool and Julie shows how to add sentimental items to your albums.


Discover how to turn the special events of your life into theme albums as our hosts share some wonderful examples. Michele and Beth will help you add balance to your page designs and Paulette Jarvey explores Altered art. Barb Kotsos returns with tips on choosing the right printer paper. Julie has a creative new border design to share and then Michael Assile returns with tips for paper glue. Beth wraps up the show with a look at creative album covers.


Paper sculpting can add interesting and artful dimension to your pages as our host share ideas using clay, and paper making ideas. Lori Pieper returns with coordinated looks for pages and then Beth is joined by guest Mary Lyn Osskamp with a beautiful project utilizing string art. Barb Kotsos has hot tips for free downloads. Julie shares projects that include quilling and hot stamping techniques. Beth closes out this show with a quick idea for fast and fun page layouts.


Journaling takes on a whole new look when you include die-cuts and stickers to express your thoughts. Michele has some creative sticker ideas to share and then Beth and Julie have a sticker collage page. Barb Kotsos will demonstrate how to rescue and restore old photo albums. Sandy Laipply joins Julie for a “Thinking of You” and then Michele has a fun lettering technique using stencils.


Get down to business, the business of scrapbooking that is as our hosts explore opportunities from retreats, to pages for hire. Beth shares a fun project using die-cuts, and then Marinda Stewart stops in for a look at a page that utilizes fibers and gem stones. Barb Kotsos advises making test prints before printing the real thing. Julie welcomes Mary Lyn Osskamp with a gorgeous paper piercing project, and then Beth has a wood burner tool you’ll love using.


Julie, Beth, and Michele make it personal as they share their ideas for updating, and remembering events to include on their scrapbook pages. Julie will help you mark milestones with a fun project. Michele and Beth are up next for a look at instant photos and instant albums, and then Beth shows us a technique for using ink to create vintage looks. Plus, you’ll love the instant ink jet mosaic project that Barb Kotsos has for you.



From paper crimping to cool new textured background papers and tools, you’ll be thrilled to find new ways of adding texture to your pages. Michele welcomes back Lyn Krucke with a colorful “spring time” scrapbook page that highlights texture without bulk, and then Paulette Jarvey adds a sophisticated look to beautiful pages. Barb Kotsos discusses printing on both sides of your paper and its fun to add texture to your card making projects as Julie shares some unique ideas. Michele wraps up the show with vintage lettering techniques.


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