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Scrapbook Memories Series 300
Hosts, Beth Madland, Julie McGuffee, and Michele Gerbrandt welcome you to a new series with a look at the latest trends in scrapbooking, and memory crafting. Michele will share a single layer cutting technique, then Barb Kotsos stops by with a tip on organizing and keeping track of your digital photos. You'll discover dry embossing on a beautiful thank you card. Plus, we'll answer a viewers question from our website regarding different embellishments.
It's back to the basics as our hosts show various types of lettering that bring a truly creative touch to your journaling. Michele and Julie share in the revival of an old technique - paper piercing, then Barb Kotsos introduces script pattern pages. Julie and Beth give us an introduction to a new art form that is sweeping the market - altered books and a shape cutting tool that will add to the fun in making them. Then we'll respond to viewer emails about using eyelets on scrapbook pages.
Our hosts share some novel new techniques from different crafts that can be incorporated into your scrapbook pages, as well as renewing older techniques. Beth will show you how to sew on your pages using a sewing machine, then we'll explore a fabulous paper craft that's perfect for scrapbooking - quilling. Michele and Julie discover how louvers and bargello fit into scrapbooking, then Paulette Jarvey visits the set to introduce you to artsy collage. Beth answers a viewers question about using vellum and ways to attach it to scrapbook pages.
Big things do come in small packages as our hosts share a variety of topics from a miniature tool for embossing, a mini shape cutter, and a mini album for a special person with guest, Sandy Laipply. Barb Kotsos stops by to show how to reproduce 12x12 pages when all you have is a letter size scanner. Then Julie shares a great tip for attaching brads with wire.
It's all about quantity and quality as our hosts share ingenious ideas for getting more pictures on a page. Then guest, Sandra Kay shares fabulous frames that can be easily changed or altered to give a whole new look to your photos and are a great gift giving idea! Michele has some very clever embellishment ideas to share, while Beth answers a frequent question from viewers about using stickers.
We've got things all wrapped up with a great show on creative ideas featuring gifts. Julie has a special gift for girlfriends with wonderful journaling techniques. Beth has her eye on a great gift for scrapbooking enthusiasts - organizing tools! Michele checks the email from our website and answers questions regarding tearing paper and adds a creative touch with chalk.
Our hosts explore the concept of "what if" and scrapbook pages you've completed earlier. Personal styles can change over time and that can be reflected in your pages so join in as we take a look at our pages then and now. Plus, we'll look at some fabulous heritage pages and Paulette Jarvey stops by with some colorful papers to add pizzazz to your pages.
We'll have you stuck on stickers as we share creative scrapbook pages, then Sandra Kay joins us again for another fun look at a variety of frames that are easy to create. Barb Kotsos stops by with a tip for an amazing new way to restore color to old photos. Beth answers viewer's questions about stickers and shares valuable tips for using them, then Michele has a tip to illuminate your pages with stickers.
It's time for a little "shake rattle and roll" as our hosts inspire you to shake things up with "shakers"! It's a fun way to add dimension and sound to your pages. Beth and Michele explore theme pages with a look at adorable baby pages, then Julie answers a viewers question regarding photos. Plus, discover two really fun ways to display your photos.
Share the fun our hosts had in creating baby pages for a friend, using the same pictures with three totally different looks and designs to their pages. Barb Kotsos stops by to share another great tip for scrapbook ideas using the computer, then Michele mixes it up with stickers and a really creative concept. Beth uses fabulous texture plates for a heart warming project.
Discover the importance of borders as Michele shares fabulous bordering techniques that really help set the mood for your scrapbook pages. Then Julie and Beth have some creative tags and bookmarks made with scraps of paper and a new technique to show you. Beth answers a viewers question about protecting pages and Julie enhances her rubber stamping.
Our hosts explore a popular theme today as they unveil their creativity with "Trading Pages", then we'll take a look at a few new techniques using vellum. Patti Behan and Jackie McLaughlin visit the set to discuss paper weaving. Then Julie welcomes Sandy Laipply back with a twist on trading pages and a wonderful album you and your friends and family can make from cover to cover. Then we'll wrap things up with a look at decos, an old concept that's making a come back with a new look.


You'll find time saving tips and techniques as Julie, Beth and Michele share ideas for making time in your busy schedule for scrapbooking. Julie shares fun and time saving tips using decorative edge scissors and paper punches for cards and envelopes. Barb Kotsos stops by with a spectacular floral display you can make right from your computer.


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