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Scrapbook Memories Series 200

Scrapbook Memories, Series 200 features the simplicity of scrapbooking. Michele Gerbrandt, Beth Madland, and Julie McGuffee return with fresh new ideas and the latest in techniques and tools for scrapbooking fun. In addition, they’ll visit with Sandra Joseph on location at Memories Expo. Julie and Michele kick off the new series with a look at fabulous mini albums. Guest, Barbara Kotsos has a helpful computer tip on choosing the right paper and Lori Pieper shares a beautiful floral selection of scrapbooking papers. Beth brings you an adorable baby page and a simple use for eyelets while Julie uses chalk to enhance a border design on her scrapbook page.

We’ll put a smile on your face as Beth, Julie and Michele share creative ways to bring humor to your scrapbooking pages. Julie uses wire to add a whimsical flare to her pages, while guest, Barbara Kotsos returns with a clever use of “thought bubbles” to add captions and fun sayings. Desiree Tanner stops by to share an adorable project using “bradlets” and Kathryn Chambers discovers a little fellow and his naptime antics that made it to her scrapbooking pages with the addition of fun captions and photo enlargements. Julie will stop in at Memories Expo for a visit with Sandra Joseph.
8-1/2” x 11” to 12” x 12”

Scrapbooking takes shape when hosts, Beth, Julie and Michele spotlight techniques that will make your memory crafting unique. Michele brings a wonderful tag art project to share, and then Barbara Kotsos has some great computer tips to easily emphasize your photos by changing their size. Julie creates a glorious floral display using wire as an embellishment. Beth will join Sandra Joseph on the floor of Memories Expo to catch up on scrapbooking news and then it’s back to the studio as Julie and Michele discover a colorful paper-piecing project. Beth wraps up the show with a fabulous technique for creating fun shapes to add to your scrapbook pages, cards and more.

Let your imagination go wild with color and more! Julie welcomes Kathryn Chambers with a fun technique that will colorize your favorite photos into “shades of summer”. Barbara Kotsos gives your pages a 3-D look with creative computer scanning techniques. You’ll love the colorful autumn leaves that Beth makes with a shape cutter then Julie adds paint in radiant jewel colors to a scrapbook page. Sandra Joseph has more news to share from Memories Expo and Michele wraps up this colorful show with a visit from Patti Swoboda who has valuable tips on protecting your pages.
Cut Ups

You’ll discover the latest in photo cropping tips and techniques when you tune in to this show. Michele and Julie will get started with a must see and do project, then Barbara Kotsos demonstrates cropping with the computer before you print. Julie adds a creative touch to her scrapbook pages with decorative edge scissors then she has an embellishment technique using hand made clay tiles for an adorable finished look. Paulette Jarvey stops by with a fabulous cut out project and Beth visits Memories Expo with Sandra Joseph.

This show has scrapbooking all sewn up! Julie and Beth have put needle and thread not to mention ribbon to creative use on two fabulous scrapbook pages. You’ll actually stitch on paper and embellish with ribbon and embroidery floss. Barbara Kotsos returns with a great tip using a scanner and “photo stitching”. Julie and Sandra Joseph meet up with Debbie Mumm at Memories Expo for the latest in scrapbooking news. Beth wraps the show up with a beautiful wedding project using specialty paper, ribbon and tassels.

Say cheese! Ok, we’re not going to take your picture but our hosts, Julie, Beth and Michele want to highlight the importance of your photos with helpful hints and techniques. Barbara Kotsos returns with an important look at what to do with your digital pictures and Kathryn Chambers stops by to share the latest in photo kiosk techniques. Michele has a fabulous stamping project to share while Julie and Beth show how to enhance your photos with ingenious techniques and valuable tools. Beth and Sandra Joseph meet up to discuss scrapbooking news from Memories Expo.
Furry Friends

Hosts, Julie, Michele, and Beth kick off this show with a look at their pet projects as well as tips for improving your picture taking. Barbara Kotsos has valuable tips for eliminating red eye, color enlargements and adjusting the lightness and darkness of your photos. Julie shares a tropical scrapbooking page that utilizes fabulous texture plates. Lori Pieper stops in with a cute storybook album and Patti Swoboda shares fun and easy pop up pages. Beth and Sandra Joseph check out Memories Expo then Beth wraps up the show with a visit from Desiree Tanner and wonderful project ideas using die cuts on the fold.

Journey with our hosts as they discover unique ways and clever tips for including your family’s vacation and special trips on your scrapbook pages. Guest, Barbara Kotsos will share journaling ideas that go beyond the basics, and Kathryn Chambers demonstrates how to restore the color of a scenic picture. Julie catches up with the folks at Memories Expo. Learn how to create a wonderful mini album including an ingenious new binding tool with Sandy Laipply then Beth will share a colorful page utilizing decorative edge scissors and fun hand punches.

Add to the interest and creativity of your scrapbook pages with various shapes, and patterns using templates. Our hosts have ideas galore to share including folding fun with Julie. Learn to scan one-of-a-kind backgrounds with Barbara Kotsos. You’ll be thrilled to learn about creating reprints and enlargements of your prized pictures when Kathryn Chambers stops in to share picture kiosk tips. Beth and Michele jazz up a photo with copper and a beautiful stencil, and Julie creates a gorgeous border using a new tool for creating embossed shapes.
Host Challenge

Hosts, Julie, Michele, and Beth will introduce the “Host Challenge” that will put their creativity to the test. You’ll want to mark your calendar for a project Michele has to share and Barbara Kotsos shows how to create a scrapbook page completely by computer. Beth uses mini punches for an adorable card project and Julie is on “cloud nine” with her fun pop up page. Plus we’ll join in the fun and excitement at one of the classes put on at Memories Expo.

Celebrate life’s accomplishments on the pages of your scrapbook. From baby’s first birthday, to building your first home our hosts will share some truly creative scrapbooking pages. Barbara Kotsos shows how to add artistic headlines to your scrapbook pages using basic computer software. Sandra Joseph of Memories Expo stops in to visit with Julie about the latest consumer scrapbooking trends. We’ll discover a fabulous folding technique from Paulette Jarvey and then Julie and Beth have a fun and colorful alphabet page to show you.



You can be a scrapbooking trendsetter with the latest in creative tips, tools, and techniques that our hosts and guests have to share with you. Kathryn Chambers combines a color photo with the black and white version of the same photo for incredible results using a photo kiosk. Barbara Kotsos will amaze you with a panoramic print made from three photos and Julie shares an adorable scrapbook page using numerous embellishing tools. Sandy Laipply captures wedding day memories using the latest in binding tools. Then Julie and Michele have fun creating photo magnets.


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