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Scrapbook Memories Series 1400


Viewers Choice!
Just as your life changes from day to day so does our scrapbooking. 
There are new trends, new products and new ways of looking at your memories. This season we’ve asked our viewers, and readers of the most popular scrapbook publications to tell us what they’d like to see.  We’re answering questions, solving common problems and introducing new techniques based on our viewer mail.


Playful Projects
Wendy Smedley creates pages featuring buttons and playful scrapbooking. Then Meet Julie Fei Fan Balzer for a biweekly segment on doodling in all different forms. Then we’ve got a beautiful frame featuring leaves that are cut and embossed at the same time. And last up Sherri Tozzi shows us some masking techniques.  


Renee Pearson  is first with “bling for your blog” or creative ways to personalize your blog.  Then it’s more doodling with Julie Fei Fen Balzer featuring paisley. Last up it’s a birthday mini album with Cindy Tobey


One Theme
Julie Stephani is first with 3 one theme albums. Then it’s doodling on shrink plastic with Julie Fei Fan Blazer. Next Lisa Singer has a photo collage project for home dec.  And last Ellen Marden creates a unique digital mini album.


Digital Templates
Cindy Wyckoff introduces digital template projects. Then sticking with digital, Jeannie Sumrall Ajero creates a card with transparencies.    Next it’s time for Holly Vaselenak and the “rock and roll” stamping technique. Last up Brigitte Peleman Vantiegham is back to the computer and creating an entire album digitally. 


First Brittany Zeller Holland joins us with a great scrapbook spread – with simple additions and very few tools. Then we create ornaments and jewelry from your photos

Next it’s family project ideas with Paulette Jarvey. And last up Holly Vaselenak is back with a great clear album entitled “Sunday in the Park”.

“Scrap” booking
Wendy Smedley has economical and creative ways to use scraps. Then meet Cathy Burnell for a digital party invitation.   Last up is Klo Oxford and a trendy acrylic album.


Acid Free
First up is Lisa Singer and embellishing a chipboard album.  Then Julie Fei Fen Balzer is back with more doodling – this week is text. Then join Denise Anderson Turley for a lesson on blending pens. Last up is Ellen Marden and how to create a digital slide show.


Renee Pearson presents custom skins for your ipod, laptop and cell phone. Then join Julie Fei Fen Blazer for Zentangles, a new way to doodle. Last Marianne Walker alters foil with ink for a creative  page idea.


First Brittany Zeller Holland has a great kid friendly door décor project – in fact scrapbooking with your kids is a great way to get started. Then Jennie Sumrall Ajero is back with how to create embellishments and borders from photos. Then Sherri Tozzi introduces us to new ways to use ribbon. And last up Michele Granger creates a 3 panel home dec project.


Home Dec
Julie Stephani has a whole household of memory projects: wall art, canisters note boxes and more.  Then Julia Fei Fen Blazer returns with more doodling; this time it’s a frame drawn right on a photo.   Last up Cindy Tobey creates an easy calendar to keep you on schedule.


Denise Anderson Turley has a lesson on chipboard as an embellishment.   Then we have a new tool to share – we’ll show you how to bind your own album or journal.   Then its Paulette Jarvey and using color to support your photos. Last up it’s another type of album.  This one is clear which requires a new way of embellishing.


Hybrid Scrapbooking
First up Cindy Wyckoff is back with all about blogging – it’s an alternate memory crafting idea. Then it’s the final doodling segment with Julie Fei Fan Balzer – this time its on fabric.   Last up Klo Oxford returns   with an interesting word book.



First Stacey Caron is here with a very unique technique.  She’s going to show us airbrushing.  Then Robert McDonald joins us on the computer for how to convert a photo to a painting. Last up Ellen Marden creates another type of mini album on her computer.


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