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Scrapbook Memories Series 1300


A Few of Your Favorite Things.
Scrapbook the things you love!


Favorite Childhood Memories: Remember your childhood or chronicle the days that go by so fast with your children. Michele Snyder has a page entitled “I love Nature” combining journaling from the “kids” with pictures.  Next it’s the first digital segment of the season featuring software ideas. Then Wendy Smedley is back with some great layouts for everyday moments with your kids. The last guest is Christina True and preschool milestones with an added bonus: these pages talk.   


Favorite Vacations: Remember those favorite family trips. Katie Nugent has a perfect idea for a quick vacation album using pockets.  Then join special guest Lisa Rapo for a digital scrapbook tip - today features album pages and software.  Lastly Helen Chu works some scrapbook magic using the same materials for a card, page AND project. 


Holidays: Holidays are the perfect photo opportunity! Renee Pearson introduces card ideas using your computer.   Then Jeannie Sumrall Ajero, one of our favorite guests returns with digital holiday ornaments with a kaleidoscope effect. Lastly we have matting ideas for your photos.


Nature: We all love to spend times outdoors whether it’s soaking up the sun, hiking in t he woods or just enjoying the flowers! First Michel Snyder treats us to a page called “Blue Jean Girl”; the perfect outdoor lover. Then Jeannie Sumrall Ajero treats us to a different way of looking at the outdoors thru a kaleidoscope on our digital segment. Then Julie Stephani has a beautiful flower album featuring botanical captions.


Favorite Colors: Get out your paint box and add your favorite colors to your scrapbooking. First Tina Sutton wants us to focus on the color in our photos and embellishments.  Then Stacy Croninger has one of her favorite color combos: pink and gray. Last up is colored markers as an accent paper crafting.


Friendship: One of the most important and of course favorite things in life is friendship. Katie Nugent shows us how to use journaling cards to get your friends perspective on your pages. Then Lisa Rapo has a digital project with software solutions to great pages.  Finally, Holly Vander Woude treats us to a project entitled “Things I Love”.


Family: Family holds our life and scrapbooking together. Author Barbara Smith features projects from her book - Baby Face.  Then Wendy Smedley has layouts about relationships and connections in your family.  Last up, it’s off to the Pumpkin patch with an adorable page of a favorite family member.


Green and hybrid:  The environment is a favorite thing for all of us and one we need to work on to preserve. First Susan McShirley has a great project featuring a clear album and natural fibers.  Then Sally Griswold   features a different look at hybrid pages.   Next Cindy Wykoff lets us in on the latest hybrid trends. Finally we combine traditional and computer scrapbooking for hybrid ideas.


Favorite Holidays:  Holidays are such a favorite we needed a second show for these great scrapbook ideas.  First off Susan McShirley has a  birthday wall hanging; everyone’s birthday should be a personal holiday.  Then Lisa Rapo is back with digital software to scan and stitch.  Then Michele Rubin has a  lesson on how to take cards you receive and make them into a mini album.  Last up Kim Hupke makes  a heart card for Valentines or mothers day or maybe just everyday. 


Favorite Machines: We all have our favorite scrapbook “machines” like computers, printers and cameras. Renee Pearson is going to help us get comfortable with a pen tablet.  Then Christina Treu has a new favorite mini machine - a voice recorder for your albums. Then it’s cutting machines to create stencils.


Favorite Photos:  What’s scrapbooking without your favorite pictures!  First Naomi Smith has a great project and an even greater photo – it’s called "just add water."   Then Julie Stephani has photography tips like framing shots, settings and more. Last up Kim Hupke and treasured wedding photos in a great project.


Favorite Techniques: We all have tried and true techniques that we return to every day in our scrapbooking. Tina Sutton had trouble picking just one favorite so she has all of her distressing techniques on one project.  Jeannie Sumrall  Ajero’s favorite technique is a kaleidoscope inside of a kaleidoscope.   Then Stacy Croninger has a new technique for embossing glue dots.  And finally Sara Naumann’s technique is paper engineering and folding.



Milestones or Achievements: Key events are a favorite topic for scrapbooking for ourselves and those we love.  Naomi Smith commemorates a common childhood event. Then Sara Naumann is back with pages with mini folders and pockets to store the mementos of events honoring achievements. Lastly Michele Rubin has a card box for a graduation open house.


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