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Scrapbook Memories Series 1200


Scrapbook Memories 1200
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Women and Connections: Friendships and why we scrapbook
First Stacy Julian joins us weekly with the inspiration behind why we scrapbook. Then Stacy Croninger has a gift card holder with words of encouragement.  Then on the first of our digital segments, Barbara Kotsos is back this season with printing multiple photos on one page. Then we have a special guest, Shiela Ryman.  She represents “Live your Life not your MS” scrapbook club and ideas for scrapbooking for those with disabilities.   Last is Linda Sattgast and our second digital project and how to add outlines to type.  


Felt and Flocking: Today’s trends on texture.
Stacy Julian gets us started with her thoughts on the theme “no photos required”.  Then Michele Rubin has a project featuring felt flowers for a patchwork effect. On our digital segment, Barbara Kotsos scans felt and then uses the cookie cutter to make her own embellishments. Then it’s how to make your own felt embellishments. Next its software with Linda Sattgast and making photo edges. Last up get ready for a parade and a great page featuring surface embellishment.


Journaling:  New ways to write!
First up is Stacy Julian – and listening to yourself talk. Then Heidi Harrelson, a handwriting expert, is here to tell us the hidden messages in our writing.  Then Barbara Kotsos has today’s digital feature and a new way to use software. Next Wendy Smedley has playful ways to hand journal.  Lastly on our second digital tip, Linda Sattgast introduces us to crystal clear type.


Unusual cards: How to express just the right sentiment
Stacy Julian has a greeting card inspiration notebook. Then cut and embellish a refrigerator magnet frame using a digital craft cutter.  Next Linda Sattgast shows us a versatile card template. Then Dana Smith creates unique cards with magnetic closures. Last up its creative templates with Barbara Kotsos. 


Wild and Crazy:  New ideas and embellishments with a “wild” theme
Stacy Julian plays with proportion on our first segment. Then Julie Stephani has some wild subjects – wild animals, wild flowers and wild activities. Then its Linda Sattgast and blend mode madness on her computer. Next Iliana McGrath  layers rubber stamps for a new technique and a great page. Then it’s into the funhouse  and crazy captions for your photos from Barbara Kotsos.  Last up it’s a wild technique to make your own background paper.


Black and White: The absence of color is a refreshing change
First its inspiration time and silly silhouettes with Stacy Julian. Then its creating your own embellishments on the computer. Next Barbara Kotsos has photos in both b/w and color but they turn into their own mini book. Then meet April Oakes  and changing layouts from color to b/w. Next play silhouette tag with Linda Sattgast and her computer.
Last up we have quite a bit of white  but also other pastels on wedding paper crafts 


Simple and Doable:   Take a step back and remember why you scrapbook. Stacy Julian puts our theory to the test with photo album scrap booking.   Then Linda Sattgast introduces us to reusable pages – what could be simpler.   Then Stacy is back and the theme is letting go of perfection. Next we have books that are both simple and doable. Then eliminate color cast with Barbara Kotsos. Last up its bags, tags and cards – the easy way – we start out with premade!


Families:  Make a connection to your family through scrapbooking
First Stacy Julian creates a library of memories. Then Julie Stephani links relationship words to photos.  Next Barbara Kotsos has cards and tags with family themes. Then April Oakes returns with easy gift giving ideas for your family. Next it’s a Circle of Love with Linda Sattgast. And finally paper crafts for baby – one of the most important family members.


Books:  Become your own scrapbook author
Stacy Julian has books that start out with ready made elements.   Then Renee Pearson  explores the topic of books and albums from a digital standpoint. Then create a picture book cutout with Linda Sattgast. Next Iliana McGrath makes the perfect stamped page for your next album.  And kids can scrapbook too with Barbara Kotsos. Last up its a clear album.


Home Dec:  Off the pages and into our house.
 Stacy Julian creates kids door frames. Then Stacy Croninger makes a great frame for any room. Next create one of a kind photo mats with Linda Sattgast. Then Dana Smith creates a mosaic frame using paper.  Next learn what foofing means – do you have any ideas? Last up its home dec in a whole new way.


Simplicity: Time saving tips for scrapbookers.
First is Stacy Julian and every day expressions. Then Wendy Smedley has the simple way to time saving layouts based on a scheme.  Then join Barbara Kotsos and how to use layered templates – computer scrapbooking is the ultimate time saver. Next Shelly Stokes has a quicker and cleaner way to stencil with paint sticks. Lastly it’s the crop top tool with Linda Sattgast on her computer.


Old is New: Digital Scrapbooking and other new ideas
Stacy Julian talks about capturing change and growth on our first segment. Then Renee Pearson has more computer ideas. Then, how to print a layout in custom sizes with Barbara Kotsos. Next add a little pizzazz with Sara Naumann and stitching on your pages – what could be newer? Then everything old is new again with Linda Sattgast and heritage memorabilia.   Last up it’s a new use for color and paint. 



Decorative Edges:  The revival of edging.
Stacy Julian looks at life in the cross section – see what she means on our first project. Then Michelle Rubin has  a layout featuring a punched border.    Then try out your hand with a decorative brush – on the computer of course with Linda Sattgast. Next create flowers with Sara Naumann.  Then continue that outdoor theme with Barbara Kotsos and outdoor templates. Finally it’s back to school with a page featuring dec edges plus quite a few other techniques.


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