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Scrapbook Memories Series 1100


We’re all on the same page!

Whether you’re a traditional scrapbooker, a digital scrapbooker or a cross between the two, Scrapbook Memories has projects for you.  After all, no matter what your format , its about preserving your memories.  Series 1100 includes some new elements to meet the needs of every type of scrapbooker.  First we start out with a new feature on the inspiration behind your scrapbooking – this is the “why” behind scrapbooking.  This will be the kickoff to each show.   We’ve also added a second digital segment – our viewers are requesting more concrete instructions on how to create pages using their computer. 


Sparkle and Glitter
Stacy Julian joins the show with inspiration behind why we scrapbook - the concept is how to keep it simple. Melissa Inman shows how to add glitter to chipboard. Barbara Kotsos is back this season with digital scrapbook ideas; her first segment is using index sheet prints in your pages. Wendy Hudnall features clear stamps and patterned paper on a page. Linda Sattgast has the show’s second digital project showing how to turn a photo into a pencil drawing. Last we finish up with how to make your own custom glitter paper. 


Stacy Julian gets us started with making a plan and sticking to it  with the big picture. Stacy Croninger presents a feature stamping project; a Miss U card.  The digital segment is how to make fake postage stamps – not for mailing but for our pages! Then how to stamp on acetate and other surfaces. Linda Sattgast uses software for cropping to enlarge – not reduce. Last up Sonja Cox. features wildlife stamps.


Metal and Metallics
Stacy Julian has a tip on people and relationships. Julie Stephani shows how to make your own metallic paper.Barbara Kotsos has a digital tip on repurposing your photos. Stacey Caron embosses and cuts metal in just a few short steps. On our second digital tip Linda Sattgast shows how to make a metal frame digitally. Last up is how to create a metallic deckle edge plus a few other tips.

1104 Letters
 Stacy Julian discusses the big picture on scrapbooking with an idea on celebrating your personality. Wendy Smedley has  a feature letter project. Barbara Kotsos shows how to use text or even photos as background paper. Our scrapbooking is off the page with Heather Lancaster and a fantastic personalized tin purse. Linda Sattgast creates a monogram. Amy Pilkington has one last letter idea.

Small, smaller, smallest
 Stacy Julian’s Big picture message is colorful you. Heather Lancaster starts big with a journal but scales down to a note pad and sticky note pad – all in the same design.  Barbara Kotsos has a digital tip on how to fade part of a photo to create a space for journaling.  Guest Kristine Widtfeldt creates mini card albums. Then its more digital scrapbooking with Linda Sattgast and adding a touch of color with your computer. Our last small project is a tag, card and mini album, all featuring outdoor patterns.


First its inspiration time and the big picture on sharing pictures with Stacy Julian..  Melissa Inman has more sticker fun and how to create frames and shapes from word strip stickers. Barbara Kotsos show how to create an Andy Warhol effect with your computer. Then it’s more digital with Wendy Hudnall and a digital album. Linda Sattgast continues the trend with software  and how to use a “high pass filter” -  it sounds technical but is so easy. Last we have the newest look in stickers to wrap up the show.


Stacy Julian starts us out with her concept of “having fun” scrapbooking. Stacy Croninger’s shows more textured pages. Next is summer vacation time with Barbara Kotsos and digital scrapbooking. Kristine Widtfeldt has a lesson on creating your own textured paper.Linda Sattgast teaches us how to use the digital cookie cutter. Last up, is one more look at creating the look of texture in a unique way.


What’s New
Stacy Julian starts out with a feature on what she calls the digital triage. Ann Cabrera demonstrates a mini book – a very new and trendy one. Barbara Kotsos has the cure for writers block. Next it’s the hot technique of doodling. Linda Sattgast shows how to fix color cast.  Last Katie and Corrie Risting show us glaze and pastel techniques.


Stacy Julian has the big picture and using memory triggers in your scrapbooking. Julie Stephani features scrapbooking on 3D objects like blocks, purses and even lampshades. Next Barbara Kotsos has a digital segment with a baby theme.Jinger Adams creates a unique shadow box.   Linda Sattgast shares another software technique for creating theme pages. Last up Amy Pilkington creates a lasting impression. 


Stacy Julian shows how to make a scrapbook quick and easy by working ahead of time. Wendy Smedley has album solutions. Then visit ancestry.com with Barbara Kotsos. Next its paper flowers with Kristine Widtfeldt – one flower lots of different colors.  Linda Sattgast creates a mini album using a computer and existing pages.  Last up it’s a plastic album cover and easy decorating.

1111 Finishes
 It’s all about visual communication with Stacy Julian. Sonja Cox introduces different ways to use white core cardstock. Next its garden theme templates – the layout is all done for you with Barbara Kotsos. Ann Cabrera shows how to transfer images using a hot laminator. Linda Sattgast is next   creating a sepia finish on photos and pages using a computer. Last up it’s a glaze finish using rubber stamps and no embossing powder or heat.  

Stacy Julian brings us back to the basics with how to make scrapbooking personal. Sara Naumann joins the show with all about distressing and altering. Then its time to match fonts to the theme page with digital tips from Barbara Kotsos. Sonja Cox is back with a technique to alter chipboard.  Linda Sattgast shows us a variation on the postage stamp technique using any shape. Last of all we’ve got ways to alter any surface – metal, plastic, glass and of course paper.



Stacy Julian introduces a  theory on color organization. Katie and Corie  Risting join us with an easy beginner technique using stencils. Barbara Kotsos talks about themes as they relate to digital pages. Then Sara Naumann shows how to use coordinated materials to take the guess work out of planning a page. Linda Sattgast has a beginner technique that makes pages stand out – making them monochromatic. Last up Jinger Adams has a perfect first project – an ABC preschool book.


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