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Scrapbook Memories Series 1000
  “Remember When”
This series is the 10th anniversary of Scrapbook Memories. So as our theme we’ve chosen “remember when”.

Remember when … the 60”s and the retro trend. Take a step back in time and remember the era of flower power and bold color.
Stacy Croninger is our guest host demonstrating a great card with leather fringe to match that favorite jacket from the 60’s. Barbara Kotsos is featured in a digital segment showing how to colorize your embellishments. Nancy Martinez joins us with a mini clipboard album. Then we’ll show you how to make decorative retro letters. Last, Nancy Hill presents a unique idea using album tins.

1002 Remember when … the title of our show was More than Memories. How has scrapbooking changed over the last 10 years?
Heritage scrapbooking was a big part of the roots of scrapbook – so Julie Stephani, our guest host opens the show with a family tree design. Laurie Smith has a lesson just for beginners; over 6 weeks she’s going to build a beginner album – today it’s choosing the album. Next is a ribbon project – ribbon used to be hair bows and dress up – but it’s on our pages now too. Barbara Kotsos has fun with digital doodling in her segment. The last project features one of our favorite tools from More Than Memories and today too – decorative edge scissors are a basic always.


Remember when … the kids were little. They are only little once - preserve those precious moments on a scrapbook page.
Suzanne Walker opens the show creating a page that features some of her favorite kids. Next, it’s kids’ camp and digital scrapbooking with Barbara Kotsos. Stacy Caron demonstrates a technique using rubber stamps and dies. Next it’s a matchbook style album for the little ones – but adults love it too. Nancy Hill is back with some unique projects featuring chipboard letters and embellishments.

1004 Remember when … heritage. Important people and events from our past can be preserved in creative ways using special techniques. Guest host Wendy Smedley offers a simple heritage themed project. Laurie Smith returns with our beginner segments – today features the second step in building an album – developing a color scheme. Nancy Hill demonstrates several card designs using embossing and chalk. Next is making digital ribbon with Barbra Kotsos. The last project features a wedding heritage photo enhanced with embossing.
1005 Remember when … high school. There are lots of memories, from proms to graduation, to preserve from high school days.
Melanie Bauer demonstrates a graduation page layout, sure to inspire. Then its step 3 of building an album with our beginner’s expert Laurie Smith – today is basic layouts.
Sara Naumann’s project features fabulous folds. Next is word art and our digital segment with Barbara Kotsos. Nancy Hill shows how to create card and page designs with innovative ribbon techniques.

1006 Remember when … life was simpler. Quick and simple techniques can make scrapbooking even easier and more fun.
Guest host Wendy Smedley opens the show with a fun and easy project. Barbara Kotsos keeps it simple with quick digital matting tips. Next Melanie Bauer returns with another very simple project. Heather Lancaster’s project features the simple and elegant look of embossing. Julie and Beth demonstrate an incredible envelope album technique.

1007 Remember when … craft. Many traditional craft techniques are being rediscovered and used to create current scrapbooking projects. Guest host Leslie Ayres presents the show’s first project using a glass etching technique. Barbara Kotsos demonstrates masking using the computer. Stacy Caron joins us with a project featuring wire and metal used in a very new way. Decoupage is back and better than ever with Nancy Hill. Suzanne Walker has one last crafty technique on a scrapbook layout.


Remember when … back to basics. Tools and embellishments were not in abundance like they are today – new is great but we can’t forget the basics. Julie Stephani takes scrapbooking to its simplest level with basic layouts for 1-5 pictures. Laurie Smith – our beginner expert has step 4 of building your first album – today is the all important journaling. Suzanne Walker joins us with a basic page. Barbara Kotsos demonstrates basics with a digital twist – easy photo books using your computer. The last project features a new type of album incorporating pockets and hinges.


Remember when … weddings. Remember weddings – your own, your parents, your friends – this is a major life event that deserves your best scrapbook techniques.
Jinger Adams opens the show with a watering can project for a wedding, shower and so many other occasions. Next is the 5th beginner’s idea from Laurie Smith as she builds an album. Today is titles and stickers. Melanie Bauer returns with a Heidi Grace design.
Barbara Kotsos offers scanner tips during her digital segment. Sara Naumann demonstrates scrapbook projects featuring transparencies.


Remember when … babies. Hug, kiss and squeeze them – capture those moments because they pass so quickly.
Leslie Ayres returns as guest host with an adorable baby page and a technique for making plush pillows. Laurie Smith presents her beginner tips with the last step of her album – adhesives. Heather Lancaster is back with a dimensional frame perfect for baby photos. Barbara Kotsos demonstrates silhouetting – a fascinating technique for kids photos. Melanie Bauer presents a design entitled “and then there was you”.


Remember when … sports. Championship games, awards, friends and more – there are so many opportunities for remembering.
Heather Lancaster is the guest host for this show. Hosts Julie and Beth demonstrate a soccer page using circle and star shapes. Barbara Kotsos goes skating and surfing in the digital segment. Jinger Adams has a key chain rack to personalize for kids and adults.
Next are featured some sports pages for kids to create themselves. Last is a handmade album project.


Remember when … special days. It doesn’t have to be a birthday or anniversary, any special memory makes the day significant.
Stacy Croninger demonstrates sweet 16 birthday cards to open the show. Julie and Beth give a short review of some of the newest scrapbook titles. Stacy Caron features paint and stamping on a wedding page. Barbara Kotsos demonstrates photo journaling in the digital segment. Lastly, Nancy Martinez creates a matchbook mini album.



Remember when … vacations and travel. Everyone wants to remember that special trip – it might have been to an exotic place or maybe a family visit -we create so many memories on a trip away. Guest host Suzanne Walker presents a scrapbook page with memories of a very special vacation. Next, it’s resizing photos on our digital segment with Barbara Kotsos. Heather Lancaster is back with a memory tin album designed for a vacation. Last, Nancy Hill stitches up a page without a needle and thread.


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