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Scrapbook Memories Series 100
You'll discover a new world of scrapbooking creativity as host, Julie McGuffee, Michele Gerbrandt & Beth Madland welcome you to the brand new Scrapbook Memories. Join them as they begin creating a world of memories with the latest in techniques, fabulous tips, and guests who will lend their expertise, inspiring you to memory crafting fun. Michele kicks off the show with a look at 3D embellishments ( click here for project ), then Andi Rothenberg takes you off the page with wonderful boxes. Travel with us to a real scrapbook convention and we'll introduce you to experts, Dave Gordon and Sandra Joseph for the latest in memory crafting news. Beth shares a creative use for eyelets ( click here for project ) and Desiree Tanner stops by for a fun new technique.
We'll go back in time and fast-forward to the present as our hosts share some truly inspired scrapbooking fun. Paulette Jarvey will stop by for a look at fabulous artistic papers, and Kathryn Chambliss will then create a timeless look, changing color photos to a sepia tone for a "back in time" theme. Beth will visit with Nancy Hill in Chicago and discover unique die cuts, while Julie and Lynelle Harlow use paste and chalk for a great technique. Michele and Sandy Laipply wrap up the show with an ingenious folding technique ( click here for project ).
Don't leave yourself out! Have you ever shared your scrapbook with others and realized that you must have always been behind the camera? Hosts, Julie, Beth and Michele have all experienced that same thing and will help you discover ways of including yourself in the memories. Then Michele shares her "little black book" ( click here for project ) with you, and Andi Rothenberg joins Julie to create borders in seconds with a border punch. Sandra Joseph welcomes Julie to Memories Expo for a sneak peak at a wedding class and Beth explores wonderful specialty papers ( click here for project ).
We have a treasure trove of dazzling jewels and sequins to add to your memory crafting fun. First we start with a way to light up your pages for some positively brilliant results. Then Julie is joined by Kathryn Chambliss who embellishes her pages with fabulous stickers. Sandra Joseph checks in from Memories Expo with what viewers like you have to say and what they've seen at the show. Beth and Julie will actually weave a scrapbook page for you and Sandy Laipply visits with Michele for a little holiday decorating with wire.
So, what's your scrapbooking style?" Michele puts Beth and Julie to the test. No need to study though, just take a simple test to discover your scrapbooking style ( click here for tests )and Michele will get things started with quick and easy ideas ( click here for project ). Barb Kotsos takes us into the digital camera age, while Beth joins Sandra Joseph and Dave Gordon at Memories Expo for a cropping party. Julie has a great project idea for chalk and finally Andi Rothenberg checks in with the winners of the cropping party contest.
Express yourself; add your own unique story to those scrapbooking pages with creative journaling ideas. Our hosts, Julie, Beth and Michele share their journaling ideas and discover more creative techniques as they welcome Desiree Tanner with fun die cutting ideas and Sandy Laipply stops by for an intriguing new weaving technique with paper. Beth will team up with Sandra Joseph and Beth Waldeck at Memories Expo. Jennifer Obyrne shares a fabulous new idea for backgrounds and Kathryn Chambliss shows how to add journaling right on your photos.
With a splash of yellow, a dash of blue or a stroke of red you can capture the emotion of your scrapbook memories. We'll discover the importance of color not only for the layout of your scrapbooking page but also in the photos you use. Michele and Julie kick things off with red, white and blue ideas, then Andi Rothenberg shows a colorful new diamond weave technique ( click here for project ). Beth catches up with Stephanie Barnard at Memories Expo and Sandra Joseph tells us all about the Memory Community. Then Kathryn Chambliss is back to show us how to actually change the mood of your page by changing the color on your photos.
How about some leftovers? No, not for dinner but for your scrapbooking pages ( click here for project )! Our hosts will share some intriguing and ingenious ways of using scraps of paper, and even extra photos for unique designs. Barbara Kotsos drops in for some time saving ideas using your computer, and Sandy Laipply shows how to use intricate border punches and leftover confetti. Beth talks with Sandra Joseph and Sue DeFranco about turning your scrapbook hobby into a career.
Let's get organized. Beth, Julie and Michele have some great ideas and helpful hints for keeping all your scrapbook supplies organized. Then, Beth welcomes, Andi Rothenberg who will take scrapbooking ideas off the page for a wonderful project using vellum and grommets for tags. Sandra Joseph tells us about the community of scrapbookers across the country and our wire expert has a fun page to show using wire. Lynelle Harlow will be back for a wonderful chalking technique.
Scrapbooking doesn't have to leave you with a sticky situation, when you learn of the many different adhesives and how to use them. Our hosts will share the latest in adhesives and then welcome Paulette Jarvey for a "lumpy page" project. Kathryn Chambliss stops in to share a page with borders right on the picture, then Beth and Julie use a laminating and adhesive machine that will keep them out of a sticky situation. And Finally, Michele and Sandy Laipply create backgrounds with a brayer and inkpad.
Scrapbooking goes off the page as Michele, Julie and Beth share new ideas for memory crafting fun. Sandy Laipply returns with a camouflage page ( click here for project ) perfect for military pictures and then get your hammer ready because Beth and Julie have a project using brads, one of the hottest trends today. Dave Gordon of Memories Expo interviews Rebecca Hensley for a retailer's view of a scrapbook show. Then Beth wraps it up with a visit from Jennifer Obyrne and a chalking technique for creating a cloud background.
Choices, choices, so many choices. Michele, Julie and Beth explore the many kinds of albums for all your scrapbooking pages and how to use them. Ellie Joos stops be to share a new embellishment for your pages and from the Chicago Scrapbooking show, Michael Munroe shows us a new template. We'll jazz up your pages with foil and Andi Rothenberg finds creative uses for fabric.


A visit to the Scrapbook Memories garden by our hosts, Beth, Julie and Michele will show you the many ways to incorporate flowers on to the pages of your album. Michele shares a great new idea for those leftover school pictures ( click here for project ) and Sandy Laipply returns with a new way to use chalk. Pam Hammons joins us from the Chicago Scrapbooking show with an inventive new use of brads. Eric Ludwig shares the process of making all those beautiful specialty papers, and then Kathryn Chambliss will help us restore old photos to preserve our family's history.


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