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This season is all about developing a personal style or signature. Every artist approaches their work just a little bit differently and their signature technique can be the jumpstart to developing your own look. Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and her guest experts mix it all up: materials, designs and techniques for one flavorful Scrapbook Soup!

See how new machines are making their mark on your scrapbook page. Kazan Clark creates a stencil with a die cut machine and then shows how to etch on glass. Julie interviews Jenny Barnett Rohrs about how social media inspires crafting. Then, Joe Rotella uses computer software to create a snowflake Christmas ornament. Julie wraps things up with a lesson on design featuring a scrapbook page picturing family members.

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Scrapbook Memories is now
Scrapbook Soup!

Scrapbook Soup
is an exciting new Public Television program for scrapbookers of all ages and walks of life. It offers a mix of ideas, supplies, and designs. All in one Scrapbook Soup!

Viewers will find it brimming with fresh ingredients for scrapbooking and paper crafting, continuing where a past favorite Scrapbook Memories left off. The show features a delectable mix of designers, authors, and bloggers and a generous portion of mixed media with a dash of paint, pens, and new products for the scrapbooker - sprinkled with scrapbook pages, cards, and paper projects.

Beginner and seasoned scrapbookers will feast heartily on inspiration and information about the latest tools and techniques. We guarantee that you’ll find some great recipes on Scrapbook Soup that give a whole new flavor to scrapbooking!

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